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Genting Casino Nottingham Closes Permanently

Locals are sad to see the casino go but experts are sure another business will take its place at The Cornerhouse

Genting Casino Nottingham will be closing its doors, its managers announced. As reported by the Nottingham Post, the decision was prompted by “commercial considerations” and follows a month-long consultation process with the casino staff.

Since Genting Casinos has a policy of caring for its employees, it made sure to consult its staff. As noted by a spokesperson, the brand continues to operate some 34 casinos throughout the United Kingdom and has suitable venues in nearby cities where workers can move. The closest casino to the Nottingham one is in Derby. Official employee figures were not disclosed.

Genting Casino Nottingham members, meanwhile, received a text message informing them that the casino will be closing its doors for good. Luckily, their accounts and accumulated points will remain active, allowing them to continue playing at another casino operated by the company.

Locals Are Sad to See the Casino Go

The Nottingham casino was situated in The Cornerhouse leisure complex, which contains a cinema, premium dining venues and a golf field. Some of the regulars at The Cornerhouse are sad to see the casino go but understand that everything can now be moved online at any time.

Some feel that the high street has been on a downward slope since the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses moved online. A local receptionist told the Nottingham Post that she didn’t really play at the casino but is disheartened to see another place closing.

Another Business Will Likely Take Genting Casino’s Place

Things might not be as grim as the locals believe as local businessmen are certain that another notable shop or venue will fill in the gap. According to Chris Hobson, the director of policy and external affairs at the East Midlands Chamber, the Cornerhouse is an important part of the town and will surely attract other businesses.

Hobson told the Nottingham Post that quite a few major chains in the entertainment and hospitality industries have been struggling to keep up with the rising costs of living and doing business. However, he is sure that the closing of Genting Casino Nottingham will not be the end of The Cornerhouse.

While it is always sad to see established names disappear and jobs lost, churn is a part of the evolution of any city center and new businesses will no doubt be keen to take advantage of such opportunities, creating new jobs and exciting amenities in their place.

Chris Hobson

Despite the struggles of Genting UK, the global business of Genting Group has been doing rather fine. A few months ago, the company announced that its Malaysian arm recorded strong results in Q2 2022.


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