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Real Dealer Studios Introduces Scarab Auto Roulette

Real Dealer Studios is on a mission to continue building up its product offer and the latest Scarab Auto Roulette is an opportunity to immerse players into a highly-authentic Ancient Egypt story. Players are welcome to explore a freshly-minted product that is banking on creating memorable plots and compelling gameplay features.

Bringing Hollywood-like Cinematography to Ancient Egypt

To enjoy this game, you will be transported to the Temple of the Scarab, which is the main venue in the game where you will find the gilded roulette wheel and have a shot at winning big. The theme is not all there is about this game, though, as Real Dealer is focused on creating innovative experiences from top to bottom.

True to its signature style, Real Dealer has developed a high-quality video that merges real-time plays with CGI animations. Then, the video footage is embedded with the RNG which determines the randomness of each outcome and guarantees not just stunning visuals but unbiased game outcomes.

The Cinematic RNG approach is a unique touch that Real Dealer Studios uses to make its product known.

Bound to Be a Hit with Players and Real Dealer Studios Fans

The process involves professional actors, and even film directors, as the company tries to achieve a Hollywood film quality in its production value brought to you by various experts. Commenting on this partnership, Real Dealer Studios chief product officer Shane Cotter said:

“Themed slot games are hugely popular, but studios have not really taken the same approach to table games. We wanted to bring some of that entertainment value to the table game market and that’s exactly what we have done with Scarab Auto Roulette.”

Real Dealer Studios chief product officer Shane Cotter

Cotter argued that the Ancient Egypt theme has been one of the most successful plotlines in gaming and adding the cinematographic expertise on top of it was a natural choice for the company. The Scarab Auto Roulette is likely to be a true hit, Cotter argues, as the game is just the latest addition to grace the portfolio of what is arguably one of the best live game studios.


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