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React Gaming’s Compete.gg and LOOT.BET Platforms Receive AI Boost

Online casino and Esports leader React Gaming unveiled its plans to improve the performance of its subsidiaries via AI and machine learning algorithms

The publicly-traded holding company continues to double down on non-stop innovation in its mission to provide a stellar esports tournament and betting experience. The next step in React Gaming’s vision relies on the burgeoning possibilities of AI and machine learning. The company hopes that integrating these technologies into its offerings would significantly benefit users and boost engagement.

Initial Implementation Will Begin at Two Subsidiaries

Compete.gg and LOOT.BET are the two platforms that will help test and improve the new technology. LOOT.BET is React Gaming’s premiere esports wagering platform, which has already proven itself in a highly competitive market. Offering an exceptional experience to its half-a-million-strong user base, it recently reached a significant milestone by launching its services under an Isle of Man license.

In contrast, Compete.gg is a more socially-oriented platform, allowing users to win cash prizes by playing their favorite competitive titles. The React Gaming subsidiary aims to foster a tightly-knit and authentic community, promoting a high quality of play and allowing members to meet new people, share their achievements, and build a reputation for themselves.

AI and ML Integration Will Benefit Many Verticals

Introducing AI and machine learning should significantly boost both platforms. Compete.gg will primarily benefit by streamlining esports competitions and ensuring an engaging experience for participants and viewers. React Gaming’s Smart AI Tournament System factors player performance and past tournament results to create fair and entertaining matchups.

Compete.gg’s other plans for the technology include assisting affiliated tournament organizers in running various esports events. The result should be improved brand recognition and the ability to smoothly and effectively craft an optimized experience. The process usually requires dealing with vast amounts of data, making it a prime target for testing the company’s AI-assisted solutions.

The Technologies Have Untapped Potential

Machine learning and AI are also quickly becoming valuable assets for betting applications. LOOT.BET’s integration of these technologies will power various engagement-boosting features like in-game analytics, predictive modeling, and personalized recommendations. React Gaming CEO Leigh Hughes noted that this next innovative step would significantly bolster both platforms’ performance.

Our main goal will be to use AI and ML to provide a best-in-class experience for our users, prevent cheating, and predict outcomes of matches…

Leigh Hughes, React Gaming CEO

React Gaming’s primary goal in its innovation-focused approach is bolstering fan engagement, which is the primary revenue-generating factor in esports. Compete.gg and LOOT.BET should provide valuable opportunities to improve AI and machine learning implementation for various use cases. Refining these two technologies should significantly bolster React Gaming’s plans to strengthen the firm’s position in the B2C and B2B markets.

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