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RAW iGaming Rebrands LeGa as RAW Arena

RAW iGaming, the company behind the innovative SuperSlice engine, has decided to rebrand one of its products. The Leander LeGa platform will now go under the name RAW Arena to better illustrate its connection to the parent company.

RAW iGaming Rebranded the LeGa Platform

Leaner, the brand behind the LeGa platform (now RAW Arena) was acquired by RAW Gaming this year for an undisclosed sum. To celebrate the rebranding of the platform, RAW iGaming launched a new dedicated website under the domain.

The refreshed RAW Arena aggregation platform will now include the Arena Foundation. The latter solution, RAW iGaming said, offers a modern framework wrapper and engine development kit that allows partnering studios to pick their preferred language.

Premium partners of RAW iGaming, on the other hand, can access the Arena Sense tool, which provides Future Anthem-powered data and analytics. The solution leverages Future Anthem’s amplifier, to ensure a robust data offering for RAW iGaming’s partners. Premium partners can also access Arena Free Spins and the exciting novel Arena Crusades solution that allows slots players to experience a competitive thrill.

RAW iGaming Wants to Usher in Innovation

Tom Wood, RAW iGaming’s chief executive officer, spoke about the RAW Arena platform as a whole. He said that it is crucial for modern aggregators to make the difference between products clear enough for studios. The platform’s experienced team recognizes that and seeks to help studios achieve their goals.

RAW Arena was created to support these studios with the speed, simplicity and help they need to quickly deliver any number of games to market with features and services that make their lives.

Tom Wood, CEO, RAW iGaming

Wood added that RAW iGaming’s distribution network is quickly growing and now offers studios a selection of operators across 14 different markets, allowing them to expand their reach. He added that his team always seeks to work closely with its partnering studios and help their games top lists.

Studios that wish to work with RAW iGaming can join it through either the Gateway program for RGS to RGS partners or the Native program, which helps studios quickly join the market. By supporting studios in the sector, RAW Arena nurtures innovation in the sector and helps iGaming operators diversify their offerings.

RAW iGaming seeks to create innovative games, products and services. The company firmly opposes monotony and wants to contribute to a colorful and exciting iGaming market.


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