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RAW Arena to Supply Three Operators with Content

RAW Arena will supply Infiniza, NetBet and FullForce with innovative content

RAW Arena, an emerging iGaming aggregator, has agreed to power three more operators with content. As announced by the supplier, it will now supply Infiniza, NetBet and FullForce with its acclaimed suite of content.

RAW to Supply Three Operators with Content

The latest integration deals will see RAW Arena expand its presence in iGaming with three new companies. As agreed, the aggregator will provide the three operators’ online brands with a selection of fan-favorite titles.

Following this expansion, RAW Arena will provide iGaming brands such as Spinero, Whamoo, OmniSlots, Fruits4Real, WestPoint Casino, Spinnalot, and Casino777 with exciting online casino content.

Per the deal, RAW Arena will power its new partners with aggregated content from third-party providers, as well as content from its proprietary game development studio. Some of the in-house games the three operators would be able to access include fresh titles such as Blackbeard’s SuperSlice Rings, Popeye vs Brutus SuperSlice and Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl.

RAW Is on a Mission to Innovate

RAW Arena, previously known as the Leander LeGa platform, aims to supply operators with truly innovative titles that push the limits of what online casino gaming can be. At the same time, the aggregator offers a rich selection of content from trusted third-party companies, providing its clients with a diverse list of innovative titles to add to their online casino sites.

RAW Arena’s chief executive officer, Tom Woods, spoke about the agreement. He shared that he is glad to see his company add more casino companies to its list of partnering operators. Woods emphasized that the new agreements will expand RAW’s reach, allowing it to access exciting major markets such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

Speaking about RAW’s mission, Woods said that it will continue disrupting the market with content that distinguishes the aggregator from its competitors.

We are on a mission to stand out in the sea of sameness, both through our proprietary titles and those from the exciting and innovative third-party developers we’ve integrated into the RAW Arena platform.

Tom Woods, CEO, RAW Arena

Finally, Woods praised Infiniza, NetBet and FullForce for trusting in innovation and choosing RAW.

Infiniza’s Sarah Fox also commented on the agreement. She noted that differentiation is one of the most important things in the busy contemporary iGaming market. Because of that, Fox and her company are happy to add RAW Arena content to Infiniza’s portfolio. In addition, Fox praised RAW’s proprietary SuperSlice engine as a novel and exciting mechanic and said she is looking forward to working with the aggregator.


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