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Raptors vs Magic – Game 5 Predictions, Odds, Tips

  • Toronto Raptors steal the thunder from Orlando Magic in Game 4
  • Raptors are now 3-1 in four games with Magic
  • Game 5 is taking place on April 23

The Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic will play their fifth game against each other in the Playoffs, facing off on April 23. The NBA 2019 Playoffs have been intense for both teams so far, but the Raptors seem to have the upper hand in the upcoming game.

Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic – Game 4, NBA 2019 Playoffs

Orlando Magic started well in Game 1 at the beginning of the Playoffs, prying away a well-deserved victory and taking the lead on Toronto Raptors. However, since that lucky turn of events, the Raptors have dug their claws in the idea of winning. They have been successful in both Game 2 and Game 3, and analysts now put them as the undisputed favorites for Game 5.

Game 4 went clearly in the way of the Toronto Raptors once again, with the team dominating over Orlando with 107-85 – well within what computer prediction models had estimated.

If they manage to clinch a victory here, the Raptors will be again passing the first stage of the Playoffs for a forth consecutive year. Of course, you need to take into consideration the fact that the Raptors will be playing in Orlando, which isn’t their best turf this season.

Orlando Magic – 105
Toronto Raptors -115

Taking a look at the sports books, you will see that Orlando and Raptors are very narrowly matched with the odds for the teams being -105 and -115 respectively, giving a slight edge to the Raptors apparently. As far as Under/Over betting goes, both outcomes are priced reasonably at -110 for 205 points.

Are Toronto Raptors Better than Orlando Magic?

No sports book will take risks pricing Orlando as the underdog, but the stats indicates that the Raptors are the team that is much better prepared to win the game. Raptors tend to outscore their opponents quite well, although the average is not so bad for either team:

  • Toronto 103.3 points per game
  • Orlando 93 points per game

One of the players that Orlando need to be most cautious about is Kawhi Leonard who has been recovering from an illness, but managed to strike the inspiring 37 points in Game 2. His other performance has been middling at best, but Toronto do put great hopes by him and Orlando will need to be addressing that.

Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard taking a short break.

Meanwhile, the Raptors feel quite confident on taking on even more accomplished opponents, thanks to the team’s star players, such as Ibaka, Gasol, Green, Lowry, and of course Leonard himself.

Even though Kawhi has been facing some issues himself, Toronto have Pascal Siakam ready to pick up the slack for their star player.

Leonard may even be planning withdrawal from the Raptors at the end of the season, which is all the more reason why that Toronto should be playing not only or the title, but also with the idea that they may be in a completely different setup next season.

With their eyes on the prize, the Raptors are now focusing on both Game 5 and also tackling their most challenging opponents, such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and of course – Philadelphia.


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