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Milwaukee Bucks to Play LA Clippers on Thursday, March 28

The Milwaukee Bucks are facing off the LA Clippers on March 28. The Bucks have been so far unstoppable and the Clippers are in for a rough game. Can they live up to the challenge? Here’s all you need to know:

The Milwaukee Bucks – Can They Be Stopped?

Standing at the top of Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks have been pulling one magnificent game after another. On March 28, the Bucks will be facing the LA Clippers who are currently fifth in the Western Conference.

The game promises to be an exciting one, but the Clippers will definitely have a tall order to deal with. We saw the Bucks best the Houston Rockets on March 27 with 108-94 in their favor.

It was definitely a tough play going up against James Haden, the Rocket’s fuel-propelled MVP, but Milwaukee managed to shut hm down successfully.

Haden was constantly covered having a player next to him whatever his current situation was, indicating that the Bucks didn’t mean to underestimate the threat.

Having walled Haden off from the left, they ran him into Lopez and Antetokounmpo who were always waiting for him and forcing Haden to stop in mid-attack.

Haden only managed 23 points in the end, which is definitely not a trifling achievement, but not what the unstoppable Haden is capable of when given a free reign over the play field.

Eric Bledsoe and George Hill also did a good job of stemming the tide of Haden’s attacks repeatedly, corralling him where they wanted him to be.

Having overcome a tough challenger, we expect to see the Bucks play a far more aggressive game against the LA Clippers.

Clippers Succeed Against the Timberwolves

Defeating the 10th team in the Western Conference may not seem much, but the LA Clippers have just won themselves a playoff spot and that means a lot.

The game went smoothly for the Clippers and they have managed to secure their 6th victory in a row – a decent winning streak mostly typical for the top teams in each Conference.

Timberwolves own interim coach Ryan Saunders also commented that “the Clippers might probably be the best-playing team in the league” and that’s why the face-off with the Bucks will mean so much tomorrow.

Landry Shamet is still recovering from a knee injury, but the team is prepared to field him in a playoff game. Garret Temple pulled off 15 points, which is lower than some of the top NBA stars, including Haden, but the Clippers have focused on working well as a team rather than prioritizing individual players.

This gives the Clippers a great flexibility that translates into better plays.

Clippers vs Bucks – Who Will Win?

The Bucks will be the favorites this game. However, we have every reason to believe that the Clippers can overcome and add another victory. The last 3 games that these two teams have played went in favor of the Clippers, most recently in November 2018.

With Milwaukee on the rebound now, though, the Clippers will be facing a very tough challenger.

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