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Raptors’ Porter Risks Permanent Ban if Betting Allegations Are True

Commissioner Silver added that the investigation is still ongoing but warned that the consequences could be serious

Yesterday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver warned that Toronto Raptors’ Jontay Porter may be banned permanently if the recent gambling allegations are correct. For reference, the forward was accused of multiple instances of betting irregularities.

Silver explained that wagering on the league’s own games is a “cardinal sin” in the NBA, which is why the “ultimate, extreme option” would be banning Porter for good.

That’s the level of authority I have here. Because there’s nothing more serious, I think, around this league when it comes to gambling: betting on our games.

Adam Silver, NBA commissioner

Silver added that the investigation is still ongoing but warned that the consequences could be serious.

For reference, recent games saw Porter fulfill the requirements of many specific prop bets, raising concerns about potential foul play. Although there is no evidence to confirm the allegations yet, the results of the ongoing investigation might have a serious effect on the forward’s career.

Silver added that he believes a federal framework governing sports betting would allow such irregularities to be more easily discoverable.

In the meantime, he suggested that the NBA might rethink some of its relationships with gambling companies in order to safeguard the integrity of its games. At the very least, suspicious wagering cases could lead to changes in the league’s rule set, meaning that its partners would have to adapt as well.

Silver Talks Timberwolves Deal; Praises Reduction in Fouls

Silver also commented on the dispute between Glen Taylor, owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez. The duo had been trying to buy the team for a while but Taylor eventually decided to call off the deal.

According to Silver, the two parties are in a mediation process to settle the matter. He said that the NBA will likely not get involved. Silver confirmed that the transaction has not violated the league’s rules but may force it to rethink what kinds of transactions it should allow in the future.

In the meantime, Silver praised the decline in fouls and free throws. He said that he is very happy with the “fantastic competition on the court.” According to him, the current foul rates are standing at, roughly, two fouls per team per game.  

While there are still adjustments to be made, Silver said that he thinks this rate is the mark of a “better game.”


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