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Racecourse Media Group Extends Chair’s Term

Racecourse Media Group, a company that holds the media rights for a few dozen racecourses in the UK, will see its current chairman postpone his departure. Roger Lewis, who was supposed to leave this year, will remain on board for a few extra months, ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities.

Lewis Will Continue Working with RMG for a Few Extra Months

Lewis first joined Racecourse Media Group in 2012 and has remained with the company for over a decade. His experience was instrumental in growing the holding and more than doubling its license fees and dividend payments to its racecourses. Thanks to his hard work, the company was able to pay $131 million to its racecourse shareholders in 2021, exceeding pre-COVID levels.

Under his guidance, Racecourse Media Group also penned a new five-year term audio-visual and data rights agreement extension with British racecourses. Two years earlier, the holding was also entrusted with broadcasting rights for Irish Racing.

Lewis’ tenure was scheduled to expire in 2022. However, the board asked him to stay for an extra few months, allowing Racecourse Media Group to appoint a successor. The company plans to name a new chairman in 2023.

The Holding Is Glad to Have Lewis Around

Lewis spoke about his extended stay. He shared that he is delighted that RMG is currently in great shape. He attributed the success to the great work of the holding’s professional team.

We have a strong board and an outstanding team of executives, led by CEO, Martin Stevenson, who together have delivered in spectacular fashion for our racecourses and indeed for the sport of racing.

Roger Lewis, chair, RMG

The chairman feels honored to be able to continue his duties until his successor is appointed. During these extra few months, Lewis will do everything to make sure that the company exceeds its record results from 2021.

Speaking of Martin Stevenson, the CEO also spoke on the matter, saying that Racecourse Media Group is delighted that Lewis agreed to stay for what is almost an entire extra year. He noted that the professional has done a great job during his time as chair, which is why the company readily extended his tenure. Stevenson promised that RMG will continue innovating and doing its best to grow its audience.

RMG is one the most successful sporting and media rights companies in Britain and Ireland and I look forward to working with Roger in 2023 to take RMG to even greater heights.

Martin Stevenson, CEO, RMG

Lastly, Nevin Truesdale, CEO of Jockey Club Racecourses and RMG’s chief shareholder praised Lewis for his hard work and ability to deal with challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Roger’s influence in establishing long-term deals with key commercial betting and broadcast partners during his tenure has also been hugely positive. On behalf of everyone at the Jockey Club, I would like to thank Roger for all he has done for the business.

Nevin Truesdale, CEO, Jockey Club Racecourses

RMG is a holding that is 100% owned by racecourse shareholders. As such, the entity pays back 100% of its operating profit to racecourses, nurturing the British racing sector. This summer, the holding inked a deal with Engage Craft, with the latter agreeing to supply Racecourse Media Group with engagement solutions.  


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