October 6, 2023 2 min read


Quixant Helps FABICash Deliver New FABIKiosk Terminals

The new terminals were first showcased at G2E 2022

Quixant, a leading manufacturer of casino products and devices, unveiled a new partnership agreement with FABICash, a market leader in cash access and cashless solutions. Under the deal, the two companies will deliver the game-changing all-in-one ticket redemption kiosk FABIKiosk.  

As a result, FABICash will be able to expand its industry reach, bringing market-leading cash access and cashless solutions faster than ever thanks to this new state-of-the-art kiosk.

According to the announcement, FABIKiosk is powered by Quixant’s IQON Air 1 platform. The machine’s function is to redeem tickets, pay out prizes, break bills and perform ATM and eCheck transactions.

The FABIKiosk sports a high-quality 49-inch display and leverages cashless features to move money into the FABIWallet, reducing the amount of cash needed in the kiosk.

The Two Companies Share Similar Goals

The launch of the new kiosk was hailed by FABICash, whose president, Anthony F. Rabito Junior, said that his team has always sought to provide the “most reliable cash access platform” in the entire gaming industry while putting more money back on the gaming floor.

Rabito Jr. said that the deal with Quixant has been “excellent” because of the two companies’ natural synergies and corresponding goals and views. The president thanked the manufacturer for its unwavering support, which allowed it to launch the FABIKiosk at G2E 2022. During that event, the company sold 350 kiosks.

We are looking forward to showcasing the FABIKiosk again at G2E 2023.

Anthony F. Rabito Junior, president, FABICash

Quixant’s vice president of business development, Eric Walla, also commented on the deal, saying that his company is happy to be FABICash’s outsourced partner and provide the computer that drives the new FABIKiosk.

As ever, our objective is to take away component and hardware availability challenges from our partners, providing customers with powerful, robust and reliable solutions that give them the confidence to outsource this aspect of their hardware development.

Eric Walla, VP of business development, Quixant

Walla said that his team is happy about the release of the FABIKiosk and is just as delighted to have had the opportunity to join forces with FABICash. He promised that his team would continue to offer “unrivaled local support” along the way, enabling FABICash to focus on product development and getting the kiosks to market faster.


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