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Quarter4 and Parleh Media Group Sign One-Year Agreement

Canadian-based sports analytics provider Quarter4 and digital media company Parleh Media Group have agreed to a one-year partnership.

A Deal That Could Drive Progress in North America

Self-proclaimed as the most advanced predictive sports analytics supplier for betting sites, Quarter4 is a Guelph, Ontario-headquartered, privately-held company founded in 2019. Parleh Media Group is a content producer and digital media company launched in 2021 in Toronto, Ontario. The agreement between the two Canadian companies is expected to be a historical one, as it might finally trigger the much-anticipated advancement in the sports betting industry in the North American region.

According to the partnership, Parleh Media Group will rely on Quarter4’s advanced data analysis solutions to supply its daily videos featuring betting picks videos on The Parleh platform online has a rich network of distribution partners. Quarter4 uses Artificial Intelligence to generate state-of-the-art sports betting experiences via predictive data. 

Wishing to constantly change the shape of the international gaming industry, Quarter4 plans on empowering The Parleh with its business-to-business data automation solutions. In exchange, Parleh Media Group aims to create a new sense of normality for sports fans who are also interested in betting. Wishing to eliminate the oftentimes overwhelming complexity of sports betting online, Parleh specializes in offering quick and efficient picks videos along with ultra-fast streaming channels to educate bettors.

Following its innovative strategy for driving more business, Parleh uses a variety of analytics that drive its scaling operations. Unfortunately, the Ontario sports betting market does not allow matching offers to be introduced to the public via advertising campaigns. This makes Quarter4’s deep-learning neural network even more important for delivering insightful data for both player and games matchups. Quarter4’s analytics will also assist Parleh with offering in-game probabilities for micro-betting opportunities.

Quarter4 & Parleh Both Consider Expanding Globally 

Parleh’s founder and chief executive officer Mark Silver rejoiced at the thought that the company will be able to “easily move beyond producing the obvious content” for games with a massive fanbase with Quarter4’s help. Parleh is looking forward to offering full coverage for the best global sports bets on a daily basis using widgets that can simulate results, custom dashboards, or APIs. At the end of February, Parleh also signed an agreement with SharpRank that would help it generate better betting content. Last November, Benjie Cherniak and Chris Grove became Parleh’s new investors at the end of a pre-seed funding round valued at $800,000.

Silver also added the company is “thrilled” to become Quarter4’s first Canadian partner while expressing his eagerness for the company to make an impact that would cross the country’s borders. The immediate priority of both companies is represented by the Canadian sports betting market. However, the companies also acknowledged their common global expansion plans.

Quarter4’s chief sales officer and co-founder stated both companies are “pushing the boundaries of innovation” in the industry while looking forward to offering Canadians and the rest of the planet the best sports betting content.

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