February 16, 2022 3 min read


Parleh Media Group and SharpRank to Advise Bettors on the Best Wagering Opportunities

Parleh Media Group and SharpRank have struck a new partnership that will seek to help sports bettors make better-informed decisions and bring stronger overall entertainment value to players. SharpRank will integrate its ranking system into Parleh’s own customer offering, enabling consumers to make smarter calls about whether values are good value.

More Bang for Your Buck

When someone picks a sports betting selection, they may use SharpRank to quickly run it through the company’s tools and see if the bet is actually a good selection and whether placing a bet would make sense. SharpRank extends its offer to both recreational and “sharp bettors,” as those who try to turn sports betting into a lucrative side-gig are called.

SharpRank takes a look at what sharp bettors from the public domain think and then allows consumers to compare their own selections against what the de facto authorities on sports gambling think would happen next. To ensure a better experience for all, SharpRank is now going to use Parleh Media Group solutions which should lead to a better overall experience for customers.

SharpRank CEO Chris Adamas commented on the deal and welcomed the opportunity to be adding more value to customers:

“Bringing Parleh onto our platform was a simple decision. Its team checks all the boxes we look for in a partner – complete, accurate, talented, innovative, etc. Its presence, content, and multi-sport emphasis aligns with our expansion roadmap and the team Parleh is building is outstanding.”

SharpRank CEO Chris Adamas

Adamas attested to SharpLink’s own expertise in providing actionable information that can serve sports bettors well. He reassured that SharpRank also verifies the data and advice offered on its platform by doing its own due diligence beforehand.

Meanwhile, Parleh Media Group CEO and founder Mark Silver said that  SharpRank offers a clear differentiator to Parleh’s offer, allowing it to stand out from competitors, and spoke about the implications for the brand’s credibility as a result of the tie-up:

“This partnership is another step in establishing our credibility in the marketplace, as a trusted source for sports bettors and fans who are embracing wagering as a fun way to engage in sports.”

Parleh Media Group CEO and founder Mark Silver

Parleh Media Group has been busy on its own, rolling a dedicated sports channel in Toronto. The group added a number of prominent investors, including Benjie Cherniak and Chris Grove.


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