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QTech Games Secures Content Library Extension with Turbo Games

QTech Games, one of the biggest distributors in Asia, has strengthened its content library with more excellent titles that are bound to appeal to customers

QTech Games has picked Turbo Games to help it strengthen its content offering in Asia by bringing innovative and out-of-the-box titles, which include instant-win titles as well as crash games.

Turbo Games “Crashes” QTech Games with Outstanding Releases

Turbo Games is focused on utilizing a provably fair algorithm to empower the players and allow them to better understand how games work while instilling an industry standard for fair play and transparency, which players ultimately appreciate. QTech Games has been growing steadily over the past months with the addition of Vivo Gaming and Ad Lunam.

The supplier is known for a number of original releases, with one of its most notable achievements being the CrashX flagship game which debuted in 2020 and has been a player-favorite option ever since.

There are other titles, though, that will now be arriving to QTech Games’ partners as well. One of those includes the Rocket X release, which is a high-volatility game which features sound gameplay and immersive graphics, continuing Turbo Games’ tradition of building unique solutions.

Cash games have been indeed very popular with audiences globally, and Turbo Games has launched itself fully in this segment, creating experiences that are worthwhile and that allow players to have control over what happens on their screens.

The addition of provably fair games by Turbo Games reinforces the feeling that players are in full control and they are the focal point of everything that the two partners do. Meanwhile, QTech Games offers a thriving platform of titles that does not just boil down to innovative games by Turbo Games but also features more “traditional” but equally ambitious suppliers with Yggdrasil and Evolution also delivering outstanding games to QTech Games’ partners.

Commenting on this opportunity, QTech Games CCO Daniel Long hailed the opportunity to work with an established partner such as Turbo Games and added that this tie-up further reinforced the company’s ambitious pipeline for the year.

He praised Rocket X and the game portfolio provided by Turbo Games as innovative, cutting-edge, and just the type of product that QTech Games has grown accustomed to.

Meanwhile, Turbo Games Head of Sales Vadim Potapenko was equally excited with the partnership, arguing that QTech Games is a “natural habitat „for what he described as superior online casino games and player-engagement tools provided by Turbo Games.

Turbo Games is similarly getting the chance to bolster its distribution capabilities and reach new audiences as it goes along.


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