June 26, 2023 3 min read


AD LUNAM Continues Global Expansion via QTech Games Partnership

Teaming up with 1X2 Network's leading iGaming brand, AD LUNAM, QTech Games will bring engaging and innovative games to its portfolio of partners

The leading distributor of games for the iGaming industry, QTech Games, announced it joined forces with a provider of innovative and engaging games for the vertical, expanding further its offering. The company confirmed Monday it teamed up with one of 1X2 Network’s leading iGaming brands, AD LUNAM. The brand is known to deliver exciting games within the arcade genre, which is continuously growing its popularity within online gambling.

Per the terms of the new deal, QTech Games will benefit from arcade gaming options delivered by AD LUNAM. This will help the innovative game studio to reach new customers and partners around the globe, thanks to QTech Games’ strong presence in the online gambling vertical. As a result, new players will be able to tap into a portfolio of games that feature non-traditional concepts.

Under the terms of the new deal, QTech Games’ partners will be able to bring popular crash games. Titles within that vertical are known to grow their popularity and capture the attention of younger audiences such as millennials. The unique crash game format offers exciting and engaging experiences, making it more appealing to a wide range of players.

The innovative crash games fuse components from video games with gambling features. This combination brings an experience that is different when compared to classic casino-style games, primarily because the players are more active and need to know when to cash out. Moreover, crash games create a feeling of first-person control, which, in turn, helps boost customer engagement and retention.

The Collaboration Helps Expand AD LUNAM’s Reach

Alex Ratcliffe, 1X2 Network’s CPO, explained that the company’s flagship game Maverick enjoyed phenomenal success since its launch earlier this year. He explained that the game was developed “based on the feedback of operators and the follow-up Maverick X was created with the same mindset.”

Ratcliffe pointed out that it is exciting to see AD LUNAM join forces with such a trusted distributor within the iGaming vertical like QTech Games. Finally, 1X2 Network’s CPO pointed out: “We have a growing pipeline of arcade and alternative games that I’m sure their clients’ expansive demographics will enjoy.”

AD LUNAM is famous for its commitment to revolutionizing the iGaming vertical by bringing innovative, engaging and quality games. The new deal with QTech Games represents an important achievement for the company as it enables its content to reach new audiences.

AD LUNAM’s thirst for varied state-of-the-art content is unquenchable, and the recent launch of the Maverick series bears fitting tribute to that fact.

Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games

Daniel Long, QTech Games’ CCO, spoke about the roaring success of AD LUNAM’s Maverick series. He pointed out that those games were well-received by some of the most popular providers around the globe.

According to Long, the new deal will help further elevate the experience for customers around the world by bringing localized experiences. Finally, he said that the company is looking forward to seeing how AD LUNAM’s games will be received in new markets.


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