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PXP Financial to Power Kindred with Fintech

Kindred has been collaborating with PXP Financial for a while and has been impressed with its proactivity and gambling expertise

PXP Financial, a global acquiring, payment, fraud and data analysis specialist, has announced a new partnership with the leading gambling operator Kindred Group.

Under the agreement, Kindred, which operates 9 gaming brands, will leverage PXP Financial solutions to reinforce its business. The payment processes provided by PXP Financial are robust, reliable and, according to the company, never detract from the gaming experience.

PXP Financial provides a single unified payments platform to accept payments online, on mobile and at the point of sale. Its solutions are powered by proprietary acquiring, over 200 alternative payment methods & financial services, allowing it to process over 22.7 billion Euro a year.

PXP Financial currently holds a significant US market share. Boosted by the rapid growth of the region’s gambling industry, the company now offers seamless and reliable payment solutions to a variety of gambling operators.

PXP Financial believes that smooth transactions are integral to gambling and noted that statistics show 49% of gamers tend to deposit more if they have better withdrawal options.

The Deal Will Expand PXP Financial’s US Presence

Kamran Hedjri, PXP Financial’s group chief executive officer, spoke about the agreement with Kindred, saying that his team is “ideally placed” to help Kindred Group cut costs and improve its revenue while increasing player satisfaction.

Hedjri added that the current deal is a major opportunity for his team since Kindred is one of the most influential players in the US.

Kindred Group is an extremely well-regarded brand in the industry, and this partnership is not only an opportunity to meet all its payments needs, but further expand our footprint in the US.

Kamran Hedjri, group CEO, PXP Financial

Mickael Marceau, Kindred Group’s director of payment solutions, also commented on the deal. He said that PXP has its origins in the gambling industry and is therefore a reliable platform that will help Kindred make its payments flexible, instant and global.

We’ve been collaborating with PXP Financial for a while and have been impressed with the team’s proactivity and gambling expertise. We’re now excited to get the partnership off the ground and see how it can improve our customers’ journey.

Mickael Marceau, director of payment solutions, Kindred Group

Speaking of Kindred, the company just launched its proprietary platform in New Jersey. The launch will support the company’s US-facing business, as Kindred plans to roll out the platform in other states where it has a presence as well.


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