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Project Turnabout Promotes Services as Minnesota Considers Legalizing Betting

Some people are very concerned about the prospects of mobile sports betting, believing that online betting implies higher chances of harm

Several years after the repeal of the PASPA, Minnesota might be next in line for legalizing sports betting. The prospects of another wagering vertical, however, sparked worries among people struggling with gambling harm and treatment organizations.

StarTribune, a Minnesota-focused news outlet, spoke with a woman it referred to as Teri on the matter. A former addict, Teri expressed her concerns about the introduction of sports betting.

Remember those Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” buttons? That’s what we need for sports betting.


In her youth, Teri won $500 in a church raffle. This small victory eventually spiraled into a gambling addiction, causing her much trouble.

Gambling was a way for Teri to escape reality. At first, she would win small sums of money or break even. Eventually, however, she started losing. Like many people, Teri chased losses, which eventually caused her to file for bankruptcy. Sadly, this didn’t stop her either.

Luckily, Teri was eventually sent to Project Turnabout’s Vanguard residential gambling treatment program. Funded through unclaimed lottery proceeds, the program is free for residents of the North Star State, allowing those struggling with harm to find help.

Project Turnabout Offers Free Help to People Struggling with Problem Gambling

As Minnesota prepares to discuss the legalization of sports betting, Project Turnabout’s chief executive officer, Marti Paulson, wants to raise awareness of the services offered by her team.

Project Turnabout treats problem gambling much like chemical abuse, providing patients with a facility where they can stay and receive help. The project believes that problem players need around 10 days of withdrawal which often include symptoms such and anxiety, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Participants in the program are required to eat well and participate in various activities alongside people treated for chemical dependency.

Paulson and Teri are among the people who are especially concerned about the introduction of mobile sports betting. They believe that online betting implies higher chances of harm.

Teri also told StarTribune that she is very concerned about the ever-increasing number of young gamblers. She lamented that the legalization of betting is probably inevitable but hopes that college students will be mindful of their bank accounts.

Teri asked people to be vigilant and keep an eye on teenagers isolating or a partner making excuses for unpaid bills.


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