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PressEnter Group Appoints Renaux as Head of Strategy

PressEnter Group has strengthened its team with the addition of a new head of strategy and business development. The one taking the role is Nicolas Renaux, Kindred Group’s ex-head of delivery and portfolio management.

PressEnter Acquired Renaux from Kindred Group

In his new position, Renaux will be responsible for helping both PressEnter’s existing and upcoming brands gain popularity. The company currently operates casino sites such as 21.com and RapidCasino and is planning to launch more. Overall, PressEnter is bullish on becoming a powerhouse in the sector and it will be Renaux’s task to make this dream a reality.

Renaux fits the job perfectly thanks to his extensive experience in the sector. To elaborate, PressEnter’s new head of strategy comes from another major gambling company, namely Kindred Group.

Renaux started his career in 2007 as part of the gaming company Unibet Group. He began as customer relations manager for France and later rose to the position of regional marketing manager. In 2010, Renaux became Unibet’s program manager.

When Unibet was eventually acquired by Kindred Group, Renaux joined the group as group head of commercial business development. After five years in the position, the veteran was promoted to group director of delivery and portfolio management.

PressEnter Has Everything It Needs, Renaux Said

Renaux shared his thoughts about his new position. He praised his new company for its impressive growth, calling it an agile, entrepreneurial and fun organization. Furthermore, Renaux shared he hopes that he will be able to maintain PressEnter momentum and help it grow even further.

Luckily, this will not be an impossible task, Renaux stated, as PressEnter already has everything needed to achieve its goals. In addition, the company has a clearly defined strategy that the new head of strategy will be able to enhance with his knowledge as he pushes the company forward.

Lastly, Renaux concluded that he will do all that while he makes sure that PressEnter maintains the mindset of a start-up. He also promised to cleverly use the intelligence of the team to take what PressEnter needs from the corporate world without losing its identity.

Lahence Merzoug, the chief executive officer of PressEnter Group, commented on the new appointee. He said that Renaux is a welcome addition to the company’s team of top talent and fits the company both professionally and culturally.

Merzoug confirmed Renaux’s words, saying that PressEnter has a clearly defined strategy and is ready to grow. The CEO is sure that Renaux will be able to capitalize on it and help PressEnter become a major player in the industry.


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