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Powerball Grand Prize to Hit $350M for Next Drawing

The upcoming drawing for the popular lottery game is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Monday marked the latest drawing of the popular American lottery game, Powerball. The winning numbers from the drawing on February 19, 2024, included white balls 4, 23, 45, 50, 53 and red Powerball 17. As always, hundreds of thousands of players tried their luck for the game’s grand prize. Regretfully, no one was able to guess the winning numbers from the latest draw, allowing the jackpot to continue growing.

The last time the Powerball grand prize was won happened at the start of the year and the lottery game is getting closer to its second month without a jackpot winner. Not unexpectedly, the jackpot increases with each draw that passes and according to Powerball, it is estimated to get closer to $350 million for the upcoming drawing.

The next Powerball drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, 2024. With hours left to go, the estimated jackpot for the upcoming drawing is a staggering $348 million. This sum is applicable in case the winner picks annual installments. But in case a lottery player guesses correctly all winning numbers and is interested in securing a one-time cash sum, they would be entitled to a whopping $164.3 million.

Nobody Won a Million Dollar Prize from the Latest Drawing

Besides nobody winning the grand prize, there was no one who secured a million-dollar prize from the latest Powerball drawing. Eight lucky lottery players won a $50,000 prize each for guessing correctly four white balls and the red Powerball, while three took home a $150,000 Power Play prize each.

Within the lower tiers, nearly 700 players collected a $100 prize each for guessing correctly either four white balls or three white balls along with the red Powerball. On the other hand, 230 lottery players took home a $300 Power Play prize each.

Elsewhere, an alleged winning numbers error resulted in a lawsuit against the DC Lottery and Powerball. The legal claim was filed by a player who was refused the grand prize from the lottery’s drawing on January 7, 2023, although when he checked the lottery’s website, his numbers matched the ones announced online.

John Cheeks, a Washington D.C. man, filed the lawsuit, claiming that when he checked whether his ticket was winning or not via Powerball’s website, his numbers matched with the announced drawn numbers. This had to grant him a $320 million dollar jackpot but upon attempting to redeem his ticket, he was told those were not the winning numbers. Cheeks alleges the lottery confirmed that one of its contractors made a mistake which is why the numbers announced online did not match the winning numbers from the drawing.


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