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Powerball Grand Prize Survives Monday Draw, Gets Closer to $200M

With Monday's drawing in the rear mirror, the grand prize from the popular lottery game is expected to hit $185 million for the upcoming draw on Wednesday

The grand prize from Powerball was estimated at $173 million or $80.6 million cash option for the latest drawing, which was held on Monday, June 3. While many lottery fans tried their luck, no one was able to guess correctly the winning numbers. Monday’s drawing saw the winning numbers 19, 29, 35, 36, 45 along with the red Powerball 16 drawn.

While nobody was able to guess correctly all the drawn numbers, one player matched five balls to secure a million-dollar prize. A lucky lottery player from Connecticut failed to guess only the red Powerball number but matched all others, which resulted in a hefty $1 million win. Sadly, there was nobody who matched five winning numbers and paid for a Power Play prize which would have been $2 million.

Surviving the draw on Monday enabled the jackpot to continue growing. With the next drawing scheduled on Wednesday, June 5, the jackpot is getting closer to the mind-blowing $200 million. According to Powerball, the estimated cost of the grand prize will be $185 million for the upcoming draw. As usual, a cash option is also available which in this case would be $86.0 million.

The last time the jackpot from Powerball dropped was early last month. At the time, a lucky player from Florida matched the winning numbers 7, 23, 24, 56 and 60 together with the Powerball number 25 to win the mind-blowing $214.9 million jackpot.

The lucky winner who is yet to be identified has the option to collect the entire jackpot via 30 equal annual installments. Alternatively, they can take home a lump cash sum of the astronomical $100.1 million.

Thousands of Players Secure Prizes in Different Tiers

While only one lottery player secured a million-dollar prize from the latest drawing, more than a dozen collected lower-tier prizes for matching four white balls along with the red Powerball. A total of eleven players secured $50,000 each, while two players paid extra to secure a Power Play prize of $100,000 each.

Nearly 600 players secured a $100 prize each, while 182 players collected a $200 Power Play prize each.

Not unexpectedly, the largest share of players won $4, which is the lowest-tier prize in the game. Some 222,402 lottery players won $4 each, while a Power Play prize of $8 each was the win for nearly 80,000 lottery fans.


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