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Postle Refuses to Pay, Stares at Involuntary Bankruptcy

Mike Postle is now facing the threat of having his property seized after attorneys for Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles filed motions for his involuntary bankruptcy.

Motion for Involuntary Bankruptcy

Following the inability of barristers to find Mike Postle to serve him the final verdict related to the two anti-SLAPP cases he lost, both attorneys took legal action to ensure that the poker player pays the legal costs of his frivolous $330 million defamation lawsuit filed against a number of poker players including Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles and incurred to both defendants.

The defamation case was a rollercoaster itself, having seen Postle’s attorneys walk away from it due to unpaid fees, followed by a decision of the plaintiff to represent himself, and finally, just days before going to trial, the case was withdrawn from the court system with no option to refile.

Following the decision to withdraw his case, Mike Postle lost both anti-SLAPP cases filed by Brill and Witteles and is on the hook for the legal costs that the plaintiffs incurred, $27,745 and $26,982, respectively.

Looking to avoid payments, Mike Postle is dodging attempts to be served to date, but the latest actions undertaken by the attorneys for Brill and Witteles mean he could have his property or anything of value seized by court to pay off both plaintiffs from the proceeds.

Allegedly, Brill and Witteles are not the only creditors expecting payments from Postle who is believed to owe around $13,000 in credit cards, with any money left after paying these debts possibly held by the court for any future litigation against the poker player.

Short Saga Retrospection

The whole saga started back in 2019, when Mike Postle, a poker player the poker community has never heard of before, defied poker statistics by achieving an exorbitant win ratio during televised games at Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, California.

Having attracted the attention of the poker world for all the wrong reasons, Postle’s outrageous lines of play were subdued to hours of thorough analysis, and the majority agreed that he was possibly cheating. Veronica Brill, one of the players who played and lost against him, was the one to publicly accuse Mike Postle of cheating.

Brill and a number of other players filed a $30 million lawsuit against Postle, King’s Casino, the operator running the poker room, and Justin Kuraitis, the tournament director at Stones Gambling Hall. Following the legal actions, other players who lost money against Postle in these games joined the lawsuit to make the total number of plaintiffs on the case reach 88.

In June last year, the court dismissed cheating allegations against Mike Postle and the other 2 defendants with prejudice, and in August, instead of filing an amended complaint, the attorney of the plaintiffs informed the court a settlement was in the pipeline.

The case officially ended in September when the majority of plaintiffs agreed to a settlement, but then Postle decided to steal the headlines by launching his defamation lawsuit.

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