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Police in Reno Arrest Woman Who Climbed on Craps Table, Threw Chips

A video that went viral on TikTok captured the incident that reportedly resulted in several charges against the woman

A person who allegedly acted inappropriately inside a Reno casino was recently arrested and reportedly faces several charges. The incident dates to Saturday afternoon when one patron of the Silver Legacy Casino unexpectedly jumped on top of a craps table. The person then started throwing chips around to the surprise of all nearby casino guests and dealers.

A viral video that captured the incident appeared on TikTok. The video has accumulated nearly 275,000 views and shows the person who climbed on top of the craps table before being tackled by security guards.

Users online suspected that the person was male but as it turns out, it was a female in her sixties. As announced by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the 63-year-old, identified with the initials R.C., was arrested around 5 PM on Saturday.

After jumping on top of the craps table and throwing chips in all directions, the woman now reportedly faces four charges. The Reno Police Department confirmed that the 63-year-old was arrested on four counts of battery.

Currently, battery without an injury is recognized as a misdemeanor in Nevada. Despite that, the penalty for battery can be up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. Incidents involving spitting, shoving or pushing other people, slaps or other physical altercations can be interpreted as a battery.

Thousands of Dollars in Casino Chips Flying Around

A discussion on the incident on Reddit, titled “Drunk maniac goes ape on craps table in Vegas casino,” reveals additional details. A user who joined the discussion claims that the TikTok video was posted by one of the dealers.

The same user claims that the person seen in the video sitting on top of the craps table is in fact a woman. Per the claims of the user, who appears to have been an eyewitness of the incident, a sum north of $7,000 in casino chips was involved. The online user wrote: “People grabbing chips as they’re flying and rolling around etc, she was arrested and is facing at least 3 felonies.”

Comments posted under the TikTok video that went viral make jokes about the incident with one user comparing it to a distraction that was created for a heist, which is a reference to the popular Ocean’s Eleven movie with George Clooney.

One user wrote: “Some people just can’t handle Vegas,” while another one said that such incidents are not uncommon.


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