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Police Arrests Woman Near Valley Forge Casino, Suspects Prostitution

The woman was reportedly arrested along with a man with police uncovering drugs in their possession

An investigation by law enforcement in a city near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, resulted in the arrest of two individuals. The incident dates back to late last month, when local police was patrolling the area around Valley Forge Casino on 1210 First Avenue in Upper Merion, King of Prussia. Previously, law enforcement received a tip regarding possible prostitution in the area of the hotel.

An investigation led the police to a woman who was seen offering her services online, as announced by Patch. Police identified the woman who was seen exiting the hotel accompanied by two men. Once law enforcement approached the woman, she provided them with a false name.

Moreover, the woman also reportedly resisted arrest but was ultimately taken into custody. After the woman was arrested, law enforcement uncovered that she was also wanted on charges related to drugs. Not unexpectedly, the two men who accompanied the woman were also detained. While one of the men was released, the other one had an outstanding warrant related to drug charges from Philadelphia.

A search by police uncovered a used syringe along with crack cocaine in possession of the woman. The man who was arrested together with her also had drugs on him, according to law enforcement. The woman, suspected of prostitution and the man were both booked at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

A date for the hearing of each criminal case is expected soon. It is yet to be confirmed whether either of the detainees would face additional charges considering the paraphernalia uncovered during their recent arrest.

Prostitution Is Prohibited in Pennsylvania by Law

According to state laws, prostitution is currently prohibited in Pennsylvania. Prevention of such activities is an ongoing focus for law enforcement across the state.

Anyone promoting, offering or engaging in prostitution can be subject to criminal charges. While usually, prostitution is charged as a misdemeanor, in some cases, a felony charge may be imposed. First and second convictions of prostitution are punishable as a third-degree misdemeanor and can be subject to a penalty of up to one year in prison.

With subsequent offenses, misdemeanor degree changes and such acts can be subject to up to five years of imprisonment. In cases of felony prostitution charges, individuals may be imprisoned for up to seven years.


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