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PokerStars Reports on the Largest Online Poker Tour to Date

PokerStars has just concluded the largest online competition it has ever hosted! With nearly 150,000 people coming to participate at the online facilities of the world’s biggest poker portal, The Stars Group has made one thing abundantly clear – poker is not just a game. It’s a culture with a massive following that no legislation can really snuff out.

The Stars Group and PokerStars Wrap Up the Largest WCOOP to Date

Touted as the largest ever poker tournament to take place online, PokerStars brought the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) to an end on September 20, 2018. The event exhibiter unprecedented glamor and excited unrivaled interest. A lot happened in the days during the event, with $100 million or thereabouts, handed out in cash prizes. This is hardly all, though, as $15 million of the aforementioned sum went directly to first place winners.

The tournament had nearly 1.1 million entries divvied up between 150,000 players, which represented 140 countries worldwide. It has been one of the most successful poker events in the world as a whole, let alone the largest online pow-wow to take place in the world of poker.

While it was held over the wire, PokerStars’ advancement of virtual poker may soon bring together players from different regions closer than they have ever been before, thanks to the Virtual Reality solutions that are currently being developed in full force. Just imagine the thrill of having all these 150,000 people meet in a virtual reality tailored by PokerStars to accommodate you to all the comforts of a real poker setting with none of the hassle of traveling there.

With the Virtual Reality No Hold’em Poker now arriving by the end of 2018, 2019 can see a lot of action taking place.

An Event to Admire – The Long List

The side gigs that were part of the event featured 185 different competitions. It made little odds what kind of a player you were. From amateur to professional, nearly everyone got something back as a token of gratitude for the loyalty that PokerStars has been receiving over the years.

Meanwhile, high-rollers and regular players all had a chance to enjoy themselves immensely at the many tables of varying table limits. This gives quite the leeway of players from all competitive backgrounds to participate without straining their budgets too much. A spirit of inclusiveness has long been how PokerStars has preferred to run its business.

The latest tally is just an example of how well the company has done. WCOOP in numbers would like as such:

  • 1.1 million entries from 148,000 unique players
  • 140 unique participating countries
  • 100 million handed out in total cash prizes
  • 15 million handed out to the winners

It has been a strong year for PokerStars despite the fact that multiple of its titles have flopped quite mercilessly. Still, the tournament host continues to bring some of the most worth-it poker solutions worldwide. If you are interested in accessing the entire information available in the press release, we kindly remind you to visit the PR service.


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