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PlayUp CEO Dr Laila Mintas: “We Can Now Aggressively Look at Going Live in Other States”

PlayUp is an Australian sportsbook with a growing footprint in the United States. Following this week’s launch in Colorado, the company is really shaping up nicely in the U.S., operating in key markets and growing its presence in key states. 

PlayUp focuses on bringing actionable betting solutions with well-priced odds and fixtures, a diversity of markets, and, more importantly, a simple bonus system. 

The company capitalizes on customer trends and focuses on the events that elicit the strongest response in the country without neglecting diversity or niche markets. 

Today with us we have PlayUp USA CEO and director Dr Laila Mintas who can help us find out more about the company’s plans in the country and beyond and what it is that makes PlayUp’s betting product so good, to begin with. 

Q: PlayUp has just launched in Colorado, and this begs the question, why the Centennial State and not elsewhere?

Colorado was an obvious choice for us between the strong regulatory environment with the balance of supporting operators through the ramp-up and compliance process. We have a great partner with Bull Durham Casino, and we know the demand for sports betting in the state has far exceeded expectations.  

Q: How important is the U.S. market to you today, and how aggressively are you going to push your expansion?

Now that we are live in Colorado, we feel confident enough in our technology, compliance, and backend support that we can now aggressively look at going live in other states. We are very close to fully launching in New Jersey. We have our free-play site available throughout the U.S. and have a full slate of other states we are getting close to announcing entry into soon. We have a strong partnership with the New Jersey Devils, and we look to leverage similar agreements with teams and clubs as we expand throughout the U.S.

Q: When you announced you are entering Colorado, you said that the focus would be on providing players with attractive bonuses. How important are bonuses in establishing a successful sportsbook?

Very similar to what we see in the U.K., users in the U.S. are initially driven by bonus bets and promotional offers. Unlike the U.K., though, we already see some trends that show there might be a better chance for loyalty and retention efforts to pay off in the U.S. when compared to other global markets. There still is a huge percentage of bettors in the U.S. that are casual players and who are drawn into parlays. So in order to even get a seat at the table, you have to ensure your competitiveness with your bonuses and offers. 

Q: With a market that is filled with great sportsbooks, adding PlayUp’s expertise is a good way to introduce competitiveness. What do you reckon makes PlayUp stand out from the rest of the offers?

We are very bullish on our technology and systems. Having our risk management internally allows us to adapt quickly to handle and welcome any and all bettors. Our app and user interface were designed on the mantra of the user being three clicks away from placing their bet. This kind of ease of use, we feel, puts us in a good place to gain market share at a rate that will make us attractive to both consumers as well as our shareholders and investors. We aren’t looking to be the number 1 volume operator but instead offer a boutique sportsbook that is super easy to use and can accommodate casual bettors as well as smart action. 

Q: Apart from the big events that dominate the industry conversation every month, what other sports do you think are worthwhile offering incentives for?

We have over 350 sports to choose from. We know that 80% of the handle will likely come from 20% of those offerings, but as we look to appeal to sharp and smart bettors, it is important for us to make those wide market offerings available to all. Smart money will always find its way to the tertiary markets and leagues, and we are eager to welcome that activity.  

Q: What do you hope to achieve in the market throughout 2021? 

As I said earlier, we aren’t looking to become the 600-pound gorilla out there. We feel strongly that the market is still in its early stages, even with us coming into the U.S. nearly three years after PASPA was overturned, and there is still massive growth ahead. It is a very competitive landscape already, but we feel there is plenty of room out there for us to make an impact. 

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