September 14, 2023 2 min read


Playtech to Scale up Player Onboarding Capabilities with IDVerse

A new deal will enable Playtech's partners to access innovative technology for onboarding and ID verification

The leading supplier of technology, content and solutions for the iGaming industry, Playtech, inked a new partnership with the company formerly known as OCR Labs Global, IDVerse, a world-leading provider of digital ID verification services and software. Announced Thursday, the new collaboration will see Playtech provide enhanced capabilities for ID verification and onboarding. Ultimately, the deal enables the company’s partners to benefit from an innovative solution that allows remote onboarding provided by IDVerse.

Amid the growth and expansion of the online gambling sector, more operators face challenges related to fast and seamless onboarding and ID verification. The solutions delivered by IDVerse address such challenges as it enables online operators to remotely identify players from any location around the world.

Thanks to the freshly signed agreement, Playtech’s partners will be able to access IDVerse’s Zero Bias AI technology. The implementation of this technology in the operator’s platform would allow them to minimize fraud while at the same time scaling up player onboarding. Leveraging innovative technology can help with the onboarding of new players from any location around the world on any smartphone.

An important feature IDVerse offers is the near-instant results that help reduce drop-offs. At the same time, the technology reduces resources that are needed for manual review and approval, allowing operators to quickly scale up their offering and onboard players at a faster pace.

IDVerse’s Technology Reduces Costs for ID Verification

Fiona Davies, IDVerse’s head of gaming, spoke about the benefits the new partnership brings by reducing the need for manual work. She said that this process increases onboarding speed and helps streamline the processes for online operators.

According to her, the innovative solution “automates verification procedures entirely,” which results in significantly reduced costs for manual labor. She explained that IDVerse covers a wide range of ID documents and is backed by cutting-edge technology.

This partnership enables Playtech operators to utilize a cutting-edge ID verification (IDV) solution that eliminates the need for manual authentication of ID documents worldwide.

Fiona Davies, head of gaming at IDVerse

The automated solution from IDVerse enables player ID verification in seconds via smartphone devices. It can help operators onboard players from more than 220 countries and territories around the globe, recognizing and identifying more than 16,000 documents without the need for manual review and approval. Backed by AI, the solution’s neural network systems protect against discrimination and have achieved 99.99% accuracy through lab testing.


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