November 29, 2020 3 min read


Playtech Boosts Compliance with TruNarrative’s Affordability Tool

Playtech continues to step up its efforts in establishing a safer and more consumer-friendly iGaming and betting experience by integrating TruNarrative’s Affordability UK into its proprietor Information Management Solution (IMS) platform.

Affordability UK is a powerful solution that reads into customer habits and tracks aberrations in gambling behavior. More specifically, the platform runs an analysis on affordability and determines whether consumers are spending beyond their means on entertainment. The UK is just about to lift lockdown on December 2, making the partnership a timely opportunity.

Complying with UK’s Regulatory Framework

The solution is developed by TruNarrative, a firm specializing in e-Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud detection. Building up on their existing partnership, Playtech will be able to leverage TruNarrative’s partnership and facilitate important processes such as player onboarding, but also the associated verification services.

Playtech Chief Compliance Officer Ian Ince welcomed the integration, emphasizing on the importance of compliance tools and consumer protection. He did call the string of new regulations affecting iGaming, though, far more stringent than any in the past.

Both sustainability and affordability regulatory requirements for gambling activities have become more demanding, asking of iGaming companies such as Playtech to seek new solutions that allow them to comply and enhance their product so it’s safe for the consumer and also makes business sense and allows companies to stay within the regulatory framework, Ince explained.

Praising TruNarrative as one of Playtech’s core partners, Ince said that the company was happy to integrate Affordability UK, a proven market-leading solution providing companies with some of the most comprehensive and accurate data available.

Bringing Frictionless Experience to Consumers

TruNarrative CEO John Lord has been equally happy with the news. He reminded that the companies already partnered earlier in 2020 and that this relationship had been growing and evolving.

As part of that earlier partnership, TruNarrative was able to provide consumers with numerous specialist services, Lord noted. Thanks to Affordability UK now, the company can have a unique insight into the way players bet and whether they can actually afford to place a bet.

Affordability UK also makes things on the end of the user, requesting fewer submissions and compliance from consumers and automating the experience for a frictionless experience, Lord noted. “We’re confident it will become a vital part of any operator’s toolset in their drive to meet and exceed UKGC expectations around safer gambling,” Lord concluded.

In the meantime, Playtech remains fully committed to responsible gambling practices. The company teamed up with the Responsible Gambling Council in September to promote safer gambling, mental health and digital well-being.


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