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Playoffs: The Warriors Meet LA Clippers on Monday, April 15

  • The Golden State Warriors are meeting the LA Clippers in their first playoff game
  • Coach Kerr says wining has become more challenging
  • Stephen Curry notches the 3-pointers all-time leader record
  • The Clippers just lost to the Warriors on Saturday, April 13

The Golden State Warriors are meeting the LA Clippers. The game will be quite intense as both teams seem confident and determined to play for victory. However, the Warriors have the upper hand.

Golden State Warriors Set to Win Against LA Clippers

The upcoming game between the Warriors and the Clippers is definitely causing some exactment already. The Oakland-based team have Stephen Curry who has distinguished himself as one of the most valuable players in the history of the NBA.

Just this Saturday, Curry become the all-time leader in terms of post-season 3-pointer shots, surpassing the now former champion, Ray Allen.

Curry’s talent has been well-known and he’s part of the why the Warriors currently head the Western Conference. The upcoming game is important for another reason, too – it’s the first Warriors game in the playoffs.

Steve Kerr, the team’s coach, has said that the Warriors have matured as a team and they are now in the stage of their development where they still win and are a force to be reckon with, but winning has also become more demanding.

This is not to say that the Warriors are weakened. Mr. Kerr is demonstrating a rare pragmatism not letting ego and past laureates blind him to the present challenges. The LA Clippers are a tough and serious opponent that must be respected.

The LA Clippers Fully Set to Dominate the Playoffs

The Clippers are definitely going to have a tough game. On Saturday, April 13, the teams faced off, leading to a 121-104 win for the Warriors and propelling Curry to the top of the 3-pointer leaderboard.

It didn’t help that the Warriors’ Kevin Durant and the Clippers’ Patrick Beverley got tossed out of the game after the two argued and the referees needed to step in.

So, what are exactly LA Clippers’ chances of winning? Slim some would like to say. Curry is phenomenal and he will have to be locked down. We have seen the Clippers field Louis Williams and Patrick Beverley successfully against many tough opponents.

Curry is quite nimbly though and almost impossible to lock down. Gentle giants such as Beverley and Williams have a lot of pep in their step, but can they really contain the Warriors’ star? Curry recently had to treat a sprained ankle, but he seems to be back in his element.

Some think that this is quite possible, however, the Clippers will first have to forget the Saturday defeat and to try and keep cool heads. If their players are after settling a score with the Warriors, this could cloud their judgment and tilt their chances of winning.

The game is kicking off in 24 hours and we are quite excited to see what will follow next!


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