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Playmaker Capital Improves Its Technology Services by Acquiring Two-Up

Playmaker Capital, a Toronto-based company, has purchased global gaming brand Two-Up. The goal of this acquisition is to leverage the company that specializes in digital media sports and, thus, strengthen its technology services. This purchase comes shortly after Playmaker decided to go public.

With this acquisition, a team of 24 experts in technology and sales will be incorporated at Playmaker in Krakow and London, which are the two primary offices. Additionally, 15 engineers with massive experience in developing monetization tools, free-to-play games, regular betting products and APIs into gaming operators that deal with money will be included.

Two-Up Has Partnered With Numerous Major Brands

At the moment, the companies that are provided with technological solutions by Two-Up include the likes of News International, Bet Genius, Sky Bet, William Hill, AtTheRaces and Sporting Solutions.

The founder and CEO of Two-Up, Robbie Morris, has stated that the one natural fit for Two-Up is Playmaker. He added that the strengths Playmaker has will be complemented and the monetization efforts across Playmakers properties will be enhanced since Two-Up is now part of the Playmaker Bench technology.

Morris concluded by saying that the company is delighted to be a part of the family. With this opportunity, Two-Up will be able to improve its core competencies and its clients will benefit from a world-class service and high standards, which is what Two-Up has been providing since 2016. 

Two-Up’s Products Will Be Integrated With Playmaker Bench

The core technology products that Two-Up has will be further integrated into Playmaker Bench, the proprietary tech stack and ecosystem and a product that has one goal – drive monetization and enhance engagement by users. Some of the services that will be added to Playmaker’s platform include scoreboard and data visualization production and integration, contextual ad widgets and product development, as well as application builder services that are free to play.

As for product development, these activities will feature native content distributed via e-sports, casinos, bingo and sports. Contextual ad widgets will include betting slips that are integrated with tracking management and conversation, while content management systems and backend engines will support all services.

Jordan Gnat, the founder and CEO of Playmaker, stated that he is pleased to welcome Two-Up into the family and that he is excited to see how the company will contribute towards Playmaker’s success. Recently, Playmaker increased its US influence by acquiring Yard Baker.

Gnat added that Two-Up has massive credibility and connections with online gaming throughout the world. That is why this acquirement added value to the company’s shareholders and moved one step closer towards achieving its goal – build a system of assets in which sports fans and clients will be provided with outsized value.

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