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Pinnacle Solution to Seize New Opportunities at iGB Live!

Pinnacle’s business-to-business solutions subsidiary, Pinnacle Solution, has announced that it will take part in the 2022 edition of the iGB Live! event. The latter is scheduled for 5-8 July and will take place in Amsterdam. Pinnacle, in particular, will use the annual trade show to seek expansion opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Pandemic Was a Time for Reflection

Pinnacle Solution’s business was impacted negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other businesses. The virus also prevented organizations from hosting in-person events such as iGB Live! effectively crippling the sector. However, now that the pandemic has subsided, Pinnacle Solutions has big plans. To that end, it will take a part in the annual iGB Live! event and will seek new opportunities for its business.

Rohini Sardana, the business development director for Pinnacle Solution, said that he feels great to be back in full swing. She is optimistic about the future and said that he is happy to be able to participate in iGB Live!

Sardana argues that there is a silver lining to the pandemic. According to her, the pandemic allowed Pinnacle Solution to reassess its services and analyze how it can best help its operator partners. The company’s more targeted offer will help business development now that the industry is returning to normalcy.

Coming back to events such as iGB Live! with a more targeted offer makes business development easier, particularly in the booming esports vertical where we continue to be a game-changing partner with what is a truly market-leading product.

Rohini Sardana, director of business development, Pinnacle Solution

The Calmer Atmosphere of iGB Live! Will Help Pinnacle Be Productive

Sardana is extra excited about iGB Live! as she believes that it has a “less frantic atmosphere” than ICE London. Because of this, it allows companies to lead more in-depth discussions that yield better results.

Sardana refutes the notion that gaming shows have to be flashy to be successful. Instead, she believes that the most important thing is to “get the right people in the right rooms” and have them lead a productive conversation. Sardana is sure that this year’s edition of iGB Live! will be successful and will help Pinnacle Solution move forward.

The networking events in Amsterdam are always first class and it’s no surprise that iGB Live! is regarded as being right up there as a major industry event.

Rohini Sardana, director of business development, Pinnacle Solution

Lastly, Sardana spoke about Pinnacle Solution’s sportsbook offering – a proven source of operator revenue. According to her, iGB Live! has the potential to greatly benefit them. Sardana mentioned that the company has seen a lot of success in Asia and is looking forward to expanding its presence in Central and Eastern Europe.


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