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Pinnacle Hosts a Second CS:GO Cup This June

Following the success of its inaugural Dota 2 and Counter-Strike tournaments, the Pinnacle Cup is back for iteration.

Esports Bookie Pinnacle Reiterates Launches New Cup Event  

Pinnacle has long been one of the most successful esports betting operators out there, courtesy of a laser-narrow focus on competitive video gaming. When other sportsbooks tried to lure in esports fans to their traditional sports products, they failed, but Pinnacle realized that it should develop esports as its own product.

With the global esports betting industry booming and some $17 billion wagered globally every year, Pinnacle has every reason to continue engaging with esports audiences beyond the context of betting.

The Pinnacle Cup II for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is on its way, with the March event proving a success. Held from June 28 through July 162021, the competition will reunite 16 teams who will vie for $100,000 in prize money.

The event will divvy up the prize among the first two teams, with the winner and runner-up claiming $80,000 and $20,000 of the pool, respectively. Pinnacle will continue working with GRID as its main data partner and Relog Media as the company that will help it host and run the event.

Numerous teams have been invited to join the event, with TrickedSharks, and MIBR all joining in. MIBR is a Betway sponsored team, which makes it even more interesting that they have received an invitation. ENCEEntropiq, and HAVI are all coming to join the fray, which will be broadcast on the TEBtv Twitch channel. 

Pinnacle to Launch Numerous Betting Markets for the Event 

Pinnacle is already preparing to offer esports betting markets throughout the entire competition, with both pre-match and in-play betting options priced fairly, the company said in a press release. 

Commenting on the success of the previous and present event, Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith had this to add: “We’re excited to announce a second Pinnacle Cup CS:GO event, following the success of our inaugural tournament in the spring. This success is testament to the tireless efforts of the team, and our partners, in creating an unrivaled fan experience that strengthens Pinnacle’s relationship with the esports community.”

Pinnacle CMO Ben Cove joined the conversation and explained that while Pinnacle has been able to provide some of the best and most competitive betting odds, the company is also interested in building upon its relation with esports. 

“The first Pinnacle Cup CS:GO tournament proved this concept and exceeded any expectations we had going into it,” Clove said. The Pinnacle Cups are one of the formats that the company explores to create more encompassing and worthwhile events, boost fan experiences, engagement, and more. 

Esports Betting Gathers Momentum in 2021 

There have been some serious movements in the esports betting industry of late. Parimatch, another bookmaker, has become an official partner to the Ukrainian Esports Federation and secured the naming rights for any associated events and tournaments.

BETER, a supplier of esports content for gambling operators has formed a new alliance with Bayes Esports to bring a higher level of esports odds and actionable insights. Esports globally are moving and developing quickly, and this has incentivized more companies to take the segment seriously. 

Earlier this month, Clarion Gaming and Esports Charts announced a joint initiative by the name of “Esports Calendar,” which will allow esports fans to choose an event that is likely to have the “biggest betting impact.”


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