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Pinnacle Enhances in-Play Betting Product with DeckPrism

Pinnacle, an online sportsbook website, has partnered with DeckPrism Sports, an in-play odds originator, to boost its in-play betting experience.

Pinnacle Goes to the Next Level with DeckPrism

Pinnacle has signed a deal with DeckPrism Sports to enhance its in-play betting product and bring it to the next level, using DeckPrism’s proprietary models.

With this partnership, Pinnacle will strengthen its position in the betting industry. Founded in 1998, the company, famous for its “winners welcome” policy, has a stable reputation. DeckPrism will boost Pinnacle’s status as an innovator in the industry.

Collaborative Efforts Will Provide Reliable in-Play Betting

DeckPrism Sports’ modeling will complement Pinnacle’s risk management powered by Pinnacle Solution to provide a reliable in-play end product.

In-play betting has grown faster than sportsbook companies could develop in-play offerings, which leads to bet rejection tools, customer dissatisfaction, and overuse of delays. DeckPrism offers a technology that changes this, and Pinnacle continues on its mission to put the customer first and eliminate these obstacles.

Pinnacle’s Trading Director Marco Blume said: “Everyone knows that in-play betting is where the action is nowadays.”

According to him, although in-play is great for the bettor, it is challenging for the bookmaker. He said that Pinnacle is going to give its customers what they want. The company will prove that it can tackle the challenges of in-play betting, as it requires more experience and technological efforts as opposed to pre-game betting.

Under the deal, Pinnacle will gain access to DeckPrism Sports technology and modeling capability. The features will integrate with Pinnacle’s risk management platform and give customers a unique in-play betting experience.

DeckPrism recently signed a deal with Circa Sports Colorado. Under the agreement, DeckPrism will exclusively supply Circa’s app in the state with its in-play odds solution.

Pinnacle Aims to Set a Gold Standard for the Industry

DeckPrism Sports Co-Founder and Chief Ed Miller said that Pinnacle is one of the top names in the industry worldwide. DeckPrism is thrilled to work with them and provide its customers a more seamless in-play betting experience. According to him, this deal is a testament that the two companies offer high-quality products, and DeckPrism is happy to improve on Pinnacle’s great work. Miller said that the company looks forward to providing a better customer experience and helping Pinnacle increase its revenue.

He stated that DeckPrism offers advanced technology, which helps companies with more in-game action and a fairer and more reliable product.

In December last year, Pinnacle snatched Esports Supplier of the Year and the SBC Awards 2020. Pinnacle Solution cemented its position as a leader in the sports betting industry.

Blume said Pinnacle has teamed up with DeckPrism because they are way ahead of other companies in the field. Through this partnership, the bookmaker aims to set a gold standard for the industry. He said that Pinnacle has a great product, but now it will be even better, providing faster pricing and in-play experience.


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