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Circa Signs with DeckPrism for In-Play Odds in Colorado

Circa Sports Colorado and premier supplier of in-play odds for the sports betting industry DeckPrism Sports announced an agreement today to give exclusivity to the technology provider to supply Circa’s mobile app in the state with in-play odds solution.

“DeckPrism has built an engine that will power in-game wagering far more effectively for companies like ours, which got into the sportsbook business to take bets.”

Matthew Metcalf, Director, Circa Sports

Fastest and Most Reliable In-Play Odds

Under the terms of the deal, Circa Sports Colorado will utilize the proprietary technology of DeckPrism Sports to ensure sports bettors in the Centennial State have the most transparent, accurate and reliable in-play odds in the industry.

“We are thrilled to be working with a great brand like Circa Sports Colorado, and to partner with them in providing the fairest and most transparent in-game product on the market.”

Ed Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, DeckPrism Sports

The betting odds technology supplier offers its B2B clients real-time pricing feed of up-to-the-second updates to power in-house sports betting trading operations, cut costly line errors, eliminate bet rejections and provide bettors with industry-leading sports betting experience both pre-game and in-play.

“Live in-game play has largely fallen short, leading to delays in what are supposed to be real-time odds and rejections of far too many bets. Our technology fixes those issues, offering bettors a much fairer vehicle for in-game wagering and allowing operators to capture more in-game action.”

Ed Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, DeckPrism Sports

Managed Trading Services

DeckPrism Sports also offers managed trading services in which it provides the complete sportsbook risk solution, trading to its clients’ margins and risk constraints, offering major markets, derivatives and props integrated into one seamless experience.

“DeckPrism’s technology is second to none in creating odds that both we and our customers can trust, and that significantly improves the in-game experience for everyone.”

Matthew Metcalf, Director, Circa Sports

The solutions provided by the Las Vegas-based true in-play odds originator ensure sports bettors are not at a disadvantage with regards to shifting betting lines, as delays due to antiquated in-game technology leaves all willing to place a bet hanging at the mercy of the sportsbook whether to accept the bet or reject it, a detrimental impact to both bettors and operators, leading to loss of action.

In February 2020, Circa Sports Colorado signed a 15-year-long partnership deal with Century Casinos to become the official sports betting partner of the casino operator and launch the Circa sports betting mobile app in the state.

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