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Gaming, Travel and Hospitality Rely on the New Administration

Industry representative bodies from the gaming, tourism and hospitality sectors stated their intent to work with the new Biden administration to speed up the recovery of the economy in Nevada crippled from the coronavirus outbreak.

Expedite Recovery in Nevada

Heads of the US Travel Association (USTA), American Gaming Association (AGA), American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and Nevada Resort Association (NRA) gathered Wednesday to express their hopes to see the new administration take necessary steps to expedite recovery in Nevada.

All three sectors of the state economy, travel, gaming and hospitality, Las Vegas is heavily reliant on, have been battered by the restrictions imposed in the society to curb the further spread of the contagious virus infection.

Roger Dow, president and chief executive officer of USTA, stated that the return to the record growth numbers in the travelling industry prior to the coronavirus outbreak is well within reach, provided there are national strategies in place to revive the American economy.

Pointing to the fact that prior to the outbreak the industry supported 1 in every 10 jobs, Dow confirmed USTA’s resolve to work with the new administration and Congress to restore millions of jobs and rebuild the industry.

“We are encouraged by the administration’s focus on providing additional, direct relief to businesses in the hardest-hit industries.”

Roger Dow, President and CEO, USTA

Get People back to Work

Bill Miller, president and chief executive officer of AGA, noted gaming was decimated by the virus impact but would respond strongly to adversity and, with help from the nation’s leaders in Washington, get millions of gaming and hospitality employees back to work to start generating revenues for the communities.

According to data from the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation in Nevada, there was a 14% drop in the numbers of people working in leisure and hospitality as of November, compared to the prior year.

Bill Miller also expressed his intent to work hand in hand with the new administration and Congress to speed up the recovery for the US casino industry which generates $261 billion nationwide.

The new administration and Congress were strongly urged by AHLA president and chief executive officer Chip Rogers to come up with a long-term stimulus package in support of the hospitality industry which would make possible the return of most of the employees back to work and ensure the industry survives the current crisis.

“We continue to face historically low occupancy rates, massive job loss, and record hotel closures. Our industry needs help to retain and rehire our associates, revive our local communities, and restart our economy.”

Chip Rogers, President and CEO, AHLA

Virginia Valentine, president of NRA, a body which represents 76 gaming resorts across the state, said the association would welcome every opportunity to inform the new administration about the unique economy in Nevada based on tourism.

Valente concluded by saying that NRA would work with the new administration to introduce policies that would restore travel and tourism, speed economic recovery and allow more and more people to get back to work as soon as possible.

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