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Pinnacle Deploys Prices and Feed on Blockchain with Azuro

Sports betting supplier Pinnacle Solution has inked a new partnership with Azuro, a decentralized betting ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. As a result, Pinnacle will deploy its esports and sports betting capabilities onto the Azuro blockchain protocol, seeking to break ground into a new medium of interactive wagering experience.

Decentralized Betting Coming to Consumers Worldwide

The Azuro protocol is touted as a capable technology that facilitates interactions between operators and providers of independent data and liquidity. As a result, the network is capable to send back thousands of liquid betting markets, using an advanced and intuitive Web 3.0 platform.

Pinnacle Solution is among the first to embark on this opportunity with Azuro, making it a pioneer in space. It will also help the company scale its pricing and deliver it to a global audience while falling back on a seamless back-end processed on-chain solution that is secure. Pinnacle Solution director Rohini Sardana said:

We’ve been advancing trading standards in sports betting for over two decades and always have an eye on technologies that will shape the future of our success and the wider industry.

Sardana confirmed that the opportunity thus presented with Azuro has implications for the entire sector. It’s an example, the director added, of how blockchain can move the entire betting ecosystem forward and deliver the Pinnacle prices to a multi-jurisdictional and decentralized audience of bettors.

Bringing Betting Solutions to the Blockchain

Azuro Protocol core contributor Paruyr Shahbazyan has welcomed the partnership and said that Azuro stands out as the first true decentralized solution in the vertical. As such, it made sense to turn to some of the biggest names in the industry to secure prices.

This partnership, Shahbazyan assured, will help Azuro benefit from Pinnacle’s best feed and prices available in the market. They are open, trustless, and transparent, the contributor added and said:

Pinnacle Solution’s data feeds will be a significant boost for the network of front-end operators connected to Azuro, as well as their users, and we can’t wait to kick off the partnership and push blockchain betting further into the mainstream.

Azuro Protocol core contributor Paruyr Shahbazyan

The solutions are now set to go live in the coming weeks with Azuro set to take full advantage of Pinnacle’s technology.


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