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BETER Introduces new iFrame Solution for Esports Betting

BETER has launched a new iFrame solution that will elevate the esports betting experience to previously unmatched heights, the company confirmed in an official press release. BETER is looking to create a more Twitch-esque experience whereby esports fans are engaged and enjoy a UI that reminds them of the popular Amazon-owned streaming giant.

BETER Elevates the iFrame Experience for Esports Audiences

According to the company, this is an unprecedented breakthrough in the delivery of iFrame products and one that stands out from other companies and competitors. BETER CPO Alex Lobov offered his insight:

At BETER, we believe that when it comes to the new generation of players, operators should apply radically new approaches that are not just betting and revenue-oriented but also drive engagement.

BETER CPO Alex Lobov

According to Lobov, the plug-and-play iFrame by BETER makes it easier for partners to engage with their audiences. The solution is supported by traders, risk managers, and IT professionals in-house and they are able to communicate all the necessary support and information that is necessary to run this advanced iFrame solution.

Lobov added that most iFrame options out there today looked alike and said that their user interface was rigidly similar. This is being changed thanks to BETER, the executive added. He further criticized the lack of a tailored approach with most of these other iFrame solutions which were not targeting any particular audience and seemed to rehash what was already on offer in sportsbooks.

Pulling Away from Look-Alikeness

“Our team has reinvented the esports betting experience to meet all needs of the new generation of players and give them even more exciting opportunities,” the executive boasted. The BETER solution should translate into bigger and stronger engagement with esports audiences, attracting more people to use it. There is a selection of prominent esports tournaments to enjoy from all corners of the world and bet on various odds and markets.

The UI is responsive and friendly and makes it easy for audiences to focus on the esports experience in its entirety. Lobov is confident that this solution will appeal to “next-generation players.” Another plus is the solution’s straightforward integration and quick onboarding, which has been described as lightning fast.


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