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PGA Tour Joins AGA to Promote Responsible Gambling Awareness

The organizer of official golf tours, PGA Tour, becomes the latest addition to the responsible gambling campaign “Have a game plan” by the American Gaming Association (AGA), as legal sports betting rapidly expands in the US.

PGA Tour Joins AGA’s Effort to Promote Responsible Gambling

PGA Tour is the newest partner of the AGA responsible gambling campaign “Have a game plan”. With the growing share of legal sports betting market in the US, PGA is happy to assist AGA in educating American sports fans about responsible gambling.

The golf tournament host will leverage its social media presence to promote safer and responsible gambling messages to stakeholders and audiences. Service announcements will air on the PGA Tour Radio and the campaign-related content will be published on all PGA’s digital and social media platforms. On a side note, this campaign will also help promote the sport in the United States. PGA Tour has shown interest in sports betting recently, seeing it as a way to increase the sport’s revenue and popularity.

Golf was among the first sports to resume during the pandemic and actually hold events despite restrictions. BetMGM, a company that offers sports wagering products and casino gaming, is one of PGA Tour’s official sportsbook partners, along with FanDuel. Golf has also ranked as the 4th most popular sport on DraftKings, which is yet another PGA Tour official partner since August 2020. It is possible for players who bet on golf on occasion to become more consistent in their betting.

They will have their chance soon enough as the PGA Championship starts on Thursday. According to sports economist Victor Matheson, it is a good sport for betting because there are many things the users can bet on based on the fact that there are many elements in the game. PGA Tour also plans to add new technical equipment to expand data availability.

AGA’s “Have a Plan” Promotes Making Responsible and Educated Choices

AGA’s “Have a game plan” campaign encourages consumers to enjoy sports betting but also play safe by making educated and responsible choices. One of the topics of the campaign is to play on a previously set limited budget and for a limited amount of time. The campaign encourages people to keep socializing, and experience betting as a form of entertainment with friends and family members.

The initiative also encourages users to play with trusted regulated sportsbook operators who have a state license. Other campaign partners are NASCAR and NHL. NASCAR was the first to join the campaign. Consumers can also check the interactive map on the campaign’s website to see which states have legalized sports betting.

Scott Warfield, who is the PGA Tour vice president of gaming, has stated that responsible gambling and giving the fans the necessary tools to bet responsibly is a key point of PGA Tour’s strategy. He also concluded that by joining AGA’s campaign, PGA will be able to send out a clear message on responsible gambling to its fans.


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