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Petersburg City Council Votes Resolution to Advance Destination Resort Project

Petersburg’s City Council has adopted a unanimous decision to allow a resolution that would advance a Destination Resort project

Last week, the plan to see Petersburg, Virginia turn into the state’s fifth city that would host a casino came one step closer to becoming a reality, thanks to the Virginia Senate clearing Senate Bill 628 that could give the green light to a casino in the city.

Now, according to a unanimous decision announced by the Petersburg City Council, the next phase in advancing a Destination Resort project is underway. 

Proposals from Operators and Developers Are Expected

The fresh resolution is leading the way for a Request for Proposal (RFP) issued on February 12 that encourages proposals from casino operators and developers in regard to the “comprehensive economic development project, including a destination resort, real estate development, retail, event venue, and casino.”

Proposals can be presented before March 18 at 10 a.m. EST

The council’s resolution has justified the RFP using the argument that tax revenue from this type of gaming resort could be employed for the benefit of local infrastructure, education, health, public safety, recreation, parks, and a variety of other initiatives that are expected to build wealth in the community.

Petersburg Thanks Virginia Lawmakers

Virginia state legislation that was passed in 2020 allowed five cities to weigh a commercial casino. The casino referendums held in Bristol, Norfolk, Danville, and Portsmouth were all successful. 

Richmond voters, however, rejected the idea of having a casino in the city two times in 2021 and 2023.

Ever since the Petersburg City Council has attempted to gain the right to a similar referendum to ask residents if they would like to have a casino resort in the town. 

Since Richmond’s casino prospects appear to be close to zero, state lawmakers appreciated the idea of seeing Petersburg qualify for sports betting, slot machines, and table games.

The Senate Bill’s chief patron, Senator Lashrecse Aird, together with Senator Louise Lucas, has played a crucial role in advocating for the city’s inclusion “as a host city in General Assembly legislation.”

According to the City Council, the legislative milestone accurately showcases the “collaborative efforts between Petersburg officials and Senator Aird in advancing the bill” and encourages local community members to engage and show support for it. 

The Resort Would Include a Casino and 500 Hotel Rooms

The Petersburg RFP features a number of detailed guidelines and recommendations, including a mandatory casino, at least 500 four-star hotel rooms, retail shopping, dining and drinking venues, as well as an entertainment venue.

Petersburg would also only partner with a reputable casino brand with a proven record of financial sustainability and success. 

City councilors have also expressed their preference to see the hotel component featuring two separate offerings from well-known hoteliers.

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