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Pennsylvania Regulator Cracks Down on Two Offending Operators

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) issued $100,350 in fines, penalizing two companies for regulatory breaches

In addition to the operators, the regulator banned five customers from all state casinos for leaving their children unattended while gambling. With the state’s gambling industry maintaining steady growth, such minor offenses are within expectations. The fines will ensure casinos continue operating within the law and provide their patrons with a secure and transparent gaming experience.

The Observed Breaches Were Relatively Minor

As part of its oversight role, the PGCB conducts regular inspections and investigations to monitor compliance with licensing requirements and gaming regulations. During the most recent series of checks, the regulator identified two establishments that violated safe gambling policies. The PGCB issued fines, sending a message to other operators to maintain the integrity of the gaming industry.

Hollywood Casino operator Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association faced a penalty of $78,000 due to inadequate minimum security staffing. Live gaming solutions and services TCS John Huxley meanwhile received a $22,350 fine for licensing failings. Each fine is commensurate with the severity of the violation and serves as a deterrent against future non-compliance.

Both companies have agreed to the fines after negotiations, thanks to PGCB’s collaborative approach. Five individuals also drew the regulator’s ire for leaving children unattended in vehicles to gamble. The PGCB placed the offending adults on the Involuntary Exclusion List, preventing them from entering all casinos in the state.

Pennsylvania Still Faces Regulatory Challenges

The PGCB’s decision to pursue even these relatively minor offenses demonstrates its commitment to upholding the integrity of Pennsylvania’s gaming industry. With revenues up across the board, April saw state operators contribute $195.7 million in taxes. These funds are vital in funding various gambling harm prevention initiatives and supporting disadvantaged communities.

Despite relatively good compliance among gambling operators, Pennsylvania continues to struggle to regulate the problematic proliferation of skill video games. New proposed legislation promises to impose much-needed rules and introduce taxation that can contribute roughly $300 million to the state’s coffers. The move hopes to tackle illegal gambling while preserving the additional revenue vital to small businesses.

Overall, Pennsylvania’s regulatory landscape appears relatively calm, with most operators remaining compliant with the state’s regulations. Once skill games also fall under the PGCB’s jurisdiction, the regulator will have complete oversight over all forms of gaming in the state and the ability to guarantee adequate consumer protections.

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