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Payment Patterns Reveal New Insights into Problem Gambling Behaviors

A recent study used data by global transaction processor Sightline Payments to examine the spending habits of gambling addicts

The University of Nevada and the Las Vegas International Gaming Institute (IGI) will use the valuable data to implement early detection protocols for people at risk of becoming problem gamblers. Sightline supplied researchers with detailed information on millions of transactions across all gambling industry sectors, reaffirming the company’s commitment to fighting problem gaming.

Researchers Identified Three Subsets of Problem Gamblers

Sightline Payments revealed its contribution to Problem Gambling Awareness Month via a Wednesday press release. The payment provider collaborated with IGI and The University of Nevada, providing data on almost 100 million transactions for their newest safe gaming research. The collaborative study encompasses the spending habits of gamblers across the online casino, mobile sports betting, and other gaming operators to detect potential harmful patterns.

Initial results reveal that 88% of gamblers spent within reason and did not display addictive tendencies. However, the remaining 12% showed signs of potential gambling harm. Researchers used a machine-learning algorithm to identify common spending patterns, grouping potential addicts into three subcategories based on their deposit and withdrawal behaviors.

8% of gamblers spent significantly more than most customers in the data set. However, these individuals had lower transaction frequencies and only averaged one withdrawal for every 53 deposits. 2.5% of patrons showed an intense deposit frequency of 15 times a week, often reaching their account limits. Finally, 1.2% of the sample deposited and withdrew frequently, displaying erratic behaviors correlating with unsustainable gambling.

The Data Will Help Develop New Player Safety Solutions

Senior Research Fellow at IGI Dr. Kasra Ghaharian noted that easily accessible digital payment solutions have significantly bolstered the online gambling sector. Such a digital revolution has its drawbacks, as more people are in danger of developing addictive behaviors. Ghaharian was optimistic that the data would help identify potential problem gamblers before they could suffer significant harm.

These findings will be critical for building interventions for people who have or might develop a problem.

Dr. Kasra Ghaharian, Senior Research Fellow at IGI

Such a collaborative study wouldn’t have been possible without Sightline’s contribution. Company co-CEO Omer Sattar acknowledged the researchers’ contribution, expressing hope that their findings would help usher in a more comprehensive way to identify and aid victims of gambling harm. The payment provider intends to leverage the study’s findings to aid the fight against problem gambling.

This research will serve as a foundation to build next-generation solutions that help identify customers who might have issues with their gambling behavior.

Omer Sattar, Sightline Payments co-CEO

Sightline has significantly contributed to Gambling Awareness Month, a campaign highlighting the risks and signs of problem gambling. Other market leaders like FanDuel and Caesars also actively participated in the initiative, doubling down on their responsible gambling efforts. Finding a long-term solution to the growing gambling addiction problem requires cooperation from all corners of the industry, and similar campaigns can spearhead significant advancements in the field.

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