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ParlayBay Strikes Content Partnership with Hub88

ParlayBay has struck a new content integration partnership with Hub88, a platform provider. The new partnership will see ParlayBay, which is focusing on creating sports betting titles, integrate its proprietary portfolio with Hub88’s platform, benefiting both companies. ParlayBay will gain access to new operators and their audiences whereas Hub88 will be a more appealing platform provider thanks to the increased number of games available.

Great Social and Casino-Inspired Sports Betting Games

ParlayBay has pioneered a number of excellent player-oriented games, such as BOSS, GEKKO, GREYHOUND, RUSH, STREAK, and CUT to name just a few. The titles are designed in a way that resonates with sports betting audiences and compels them to explore an operator’s full offer. ParlayBay has used excellent UI and UX design along with straightforward and rewarding gameplay.

This partnership comes along with the PARLAYPOWERS offer which features additional promotional tools that are designed to boost acquisition and retention, although they will launch at a later point in 2023. These promotional tools though come along with a number of excellent benefits, such as free bets, early-bird bonuses, cash drops, and other features ParlayBay is confident will resonate with sports betting crowds.

The products are social and casino-inspired, giving them a distinguished feel and look, and helping them strike home with a broader demographic of players and sports fans. ParlayBay is combining several development tenets to ensure that players enjoy the best and most fulfilling experience for all.

ParlayBay has already stated that it intends to disrupt and revolutionize the sports betting industry by adding its own unique brand of sports betting experiences.  

The Future of Sports Betting as Imagined by ParlayBay

Company CEO Patrick Nordwall was delighted with the opportunity to see the company’s games hit Hub88’s platform. The executive added:

Hub88 is one of the most recognized aggregators in the market and has a sublime and efficient platform that perfectly complements our fast-paced titles.

ParlayBay CEO Patrick Nordwall

The news was naturally welcomed by Hub88 managing director Jose Micallef who said that the company was constantly looking to elevate its experience and understanding of the sports betting landscape, bringing innovative and highly entertaining products to bear for its audiences.

“They offer an experience that guarantees an increase in player engagement, which is something that will please our operators in their respective markets,” Micallef concluded.


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