September 22, 2022 3 min read


PandaScore Launches Esports Widget 2.0

PandaScore, a leading supplier of esports and data solutions, has introduced its improved Widget product. Widget 2.0 is part of the company’s continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of esports data and betting solutions and to provide partner businesses with the insight and technological springboard to continue delivering excellent experiences to fans from all over the world.

New Widget Continues to Improve on Best Practices

The company has been able to launch a widget for all of the 11 esports titles it currently covers. Three widgets include live offers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Operators who leverage PandaScore’s professional widgets have also better overall results in terms of esports fans’ engagement.

The widgets are particularly useful as they help drive esports insight and offer real-time data that is backed by data scientists and traders, which is precisely the value that esports fans can hope for. The widgets further come with a set of tools that make it easy to integrate with virtually any partner and meet specific expectations. These include language localization, branding, and editable block layouts, for example.

Operators have the freedom to tinker around with the front end to meet the expectations of their own customer bases and provide a consistent experience with what their esports audiences prefer. PandaScore significantly helps improve the esports betting experience through its dedicated widgets and makes it easier for esports fans to get the data they need to make informed decisions.

Another asset for the company is its ability to visualize complex data sets that translate into guided wagers. The company is able to instantly break down key indicators, such as player and team strengths and weaknesses, historic scores, and performances, and introduce them in a quick and digestible fashion to esports audiences.

PandaScore CEO Flavien Guillocheau was excited about the launch of this new product and said that the company has received great feedback for it already. “We saw a great opportunity to give fans more of what they love,” Guillocheau explained.

PandaScore Is Happy to Elevate the Esports Betting Experience

“The Esports bettors want in-depth data, especially during live. Widget 2.0 adds new layers of engagement for fans with not only highly detailed information but the interface being catered to each game title,” he added.

PandaScore has been one of the few data-focused companies to define esports betting and create solutions that elevate the consumer experience and enable operators to pursue stronger revenue and monetization opportunities in this particular vertical. PandaScore is definitely making waves. William Hill has recently teamed up with the company to improve its esports feeds.


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