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PANDA Interactive Takes Legal Action Against Sportradar and Genius Sports

The tech firm, creators of exclusive cloud-based software facilitating interactive viewing experiences for media, leagues, and sportsbooks, has enlisted the legal representation of King & Spalding LLP for the lawsuit

PANDA Interactive, a sports technology company, has filed two separate complaints alleging patent infringement against Sportradar Group AG and Genius Sports Limited. The accusations, filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, highlight PANDA Interactive’s determination to protect its revolutionary interactive streaming technology.

PANDA Interactive Fights Patent Infringement

Chairman of PANDA Interactive, Donald Schupak, underscored the substantial investments made by the company in developing their innovative technology. He emphasized their strong stance against any unfair use of their patented technology, especially when deployed against them. PANDA Interactive’s CEO, Kevin April, emphasized the significance of the convergence between media and sports betting, outlining its potential to elevate the fan-viewing experience.

April further added: “PANDA developed its pioneering technology long before online sports betting was even legal in the US. Sportradar and Genius Sports are infringing on our patents and capitalizing on our groundbreaking work.”

PANDA Interactive has already introduced several video streaming products incorporating their patented technologies. One notable example is the SportsCastr mobile app, which has evolved into PANDA Interactive’s B2B Watch & Bet platform. This platform has gained recognition from leading sports media companies, leagues, and sportsbooks, solidifying PANDA Interactive’s position as an industry leader.

Genius Sports recently introduced BetVision, a groundbreaking solution merging live streaming and betting to offer immersive wagering experiences. The product, initially launching in the United States, integrates live game video streams with betting odds and bet slips within a single interactive player.

PANDA Interactive Elevates Fan Interaction with AI-driven Sports Betting Solutions

PANDA Interactive is part of SportsCastr Inc., which was established in 2016 as a trailblazer in sports technology. The company’s cutting-edge innovations empower sportsbooks, sports media, leagues, and betting affiliates to boost engagement and revenue by integrating real-time actionable betting odds and interactive social features into their content. 

At the heart of their offerings is PANDA Studio, a comprehensive Watch & Bet platform. This enterprise-grade solution allows viewers to seamlessly enjoy live or on-demand events, enriched with in-stream betting opportunities and commerce features. 

Additionally, the company has developed PANDA CUB, an AdTech solution tailored for sports media and betting affiliates. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically scan articles for betting-related keywords like team and player names. It then enhances these articles with up-to-the-minute odds and geo-targeted affiliate links sourced from major sportsbooks. 

Notably, SportsCastr is licensed as an online sports betting vendor and supplier in multiple US states, demonstrating their commitment to compliance and credibility. 


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