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PA Thief Used Fake Skill Gaming Vouchers to Redeem $4,000

The man wore a dark hoodie and a wig to conceal his identity

A Pennsylvanian man has ripped off a store by redeeming fake skill gaming vouchers at a convenience store. The local police are now searching for the culprit, hoping to bring him to justice.

According to the Pennsylvanian authorities, the man in question entered the Dillsburg Tobacco Outlet at 1 US Route 15 on October 7 at around 9 pm. He presented eight $500 skill gaming vouchers to the cashier, claiming to have won them on a skill gaming terminal.

The cashier didn’t realize that the vouchers were fake at first and, after inspecting them for a short while, gave the man the $4,000 he had allegedly won.

The route distributor of the skill games later inspected the tickets only to realize the forgery attempt.

After inspecting the security cam footage, the local police realized that the fraud was wearing a wig with long dark hair and fingerless white gloves. The man also kept the hood of their black hoodie on in a further attempt to conceal their identity.

The Carroll Township Police Department published a photo of the individual and asked anyone who may be able to identify the thief to contact the department.

Skill Games Remain a Controversial Topic

In the meantime, Pennsylvania continues to discuss the controversial skill gaming machines. Skill games are much similar to slots but allow players to define the winning paylines, which is considered an element of chance.

Skill games currently sit in Pennsylvania’s legal gray sector and are one of the most discussed topics in the state’s gambling industry. Last week, lawmakers discussed the machines, which have now become ubiquitous.

The casino industry has slammed skill games as illegal gambling that steals money from the licensed gaming sector. In addition, industry representatives have argued that skill gaming machines do not offer the same player protections that legal gambling does.

However, the machines are supporting many small businesses across Pennsylvania and have strong support from local audiences.

In May, the Senate tried to introduce a 16% state tax on skill games and limit the number of skill gaming terminals businesses are allowed to have. However, these measures did not sit well with representatives of Pennsylvania’s gambling industry.

The future of the vertical remains uncertain but many agree that the machines should either be prohibited or properly regulated.


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