June 28, 2023 2 min read


PA Betting Services Boosts Betsson’s RaceBets with Content

The latest agreement will help RaceBets gain access to horse racing content featuring comments, tips and verdicts

The market-leading and globally recognized betting and gaming operator, Betsson Group, announced it strengthened its horse racing content thanks to a freshly inked partnership. The company has announced that it signed a new agreement with PA Betting Services (PABS) for the delivery of horse racing content. Under the terms of the new deal, PABS will help supercharge Betsson’s online sportsbooks by delivering new and engaging content.

Such will include editorial content for domestic horse racing that features tips, comments and race verdicts. Per the new deal, the market-leading racing distribution platform by PABS will help deliver the content for Betsson. As a result, the company will be able to leverage this information and power its racing sportsbook, RaceBets. This, in turn, is expected to deliver engaging experiences for the sportsbook’s customers.

Harry Walter, RaceBets’ head, shared his excitement about the latest deal with PA Betting Services. He explained that the company is delighted to sign a new agreement with PABS. Walter pointed out: “After working with them for multiple years, we knew we could rely on them to deliver reliable and accurate content.” Finally, he predicted that RaceBets will deliver exciting betting experiences for its customers’ thanks to the new deal.

We are delighted to have reached a new agreement with PA Betting Services.

Harry Walter, head of RaceBets

Betsson Continues to Grow and Expand

The freshly minted deal comes during a busy period for Betsson. Coinciding with the deal with PABS, the company confirmed it signed a global distribution agreement with Light & Wonder, the provider of innovative solutions for the iGaming vertical.

At the same time, Betsson enjoys strong growth across the globe with expansion in multiple markets in Latin America, as well as Europe. Now, the two recent partnerships are expected to further boost the company’s expansion and help it fuel its growth.

We are pleased to be the chosen partner of Betsson for Horseracing content.

Keiron Muir, account director at PA Betting Services

Keiron Muir, PABS’ account director, was similarly thrilled to see the company join forces with Betsson. He said that it is exciting for PABS’ horseracing content to expand its reach with Betsson. At the same time, Muir said that it is delightful to see Betsson continue to grow. Finally, he said that the company is glad to further strengthen its position within the growing market with the new deal.


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