Oregon Players Collect More Than $1.1M in Prizes from Luckii

Oregon residents showed high interest in historic horse racing games. After a few months of operating in the state, Luckii, a platform that provides Vegas-style real money games with outcomes based on horse races has paid more than $1.1 million in prizes.

Luckii Players Took Home More Than $1.1 Million in Prizes

Registered as an Advanced Deposit Wagering platform and licensed by the Racing Commission in Oregon, Luckii entered the state a few months ago. The platform is managed by the national leader in the development of real estate, gaming, and hospitality projects, ELS Gaming. Although this was the first state where Luckii launched its services, the popularity of its games skyrocketed.

The platform provides Las Vegas-style real money games where players place their bets and spin to win. However, the outcome of each game is determined by the results of horse races, which were played around the US. This entertainment is also known as historical horse racing.

As noted, the Luckii proved to be highly popular and after only a few months of operation, Oregon residents have wagered more than $2 million. This translates to winnings of more than $1.1 million. The platform has paid $10,000 to more than several dozen lucky Oregonians. Furthermore, hundreds of residents have won more than $1,000.

The Company Re-Defined the Online Gaming Experience in Oregon

Larry Lucas, chairman at Luckii said in a statement the company is excited just as much as the people in Oregon who are enjoying the platform. Furthermore, he acknowledged that the company has “re-defined the online gaming experienceby offering a secure, safe, and fun way to play.

We are excited to launch Luckii in Oregon and know that people across the state are just as excited about playing.

Larry Lucas, Luckii chairman

Luckii players can receive handicapping insights before placing their wager. Alternatively, they can simply place a bet and spin for a huge jackpot opportunity. The platform offers multiple payment options such as bank transfer, debit, or credit.

Furthermore, Luckii features industry-leading safety and fraud prevention tools. Lucky players can easily withdraw their winnings. If necessary, players in Oregon can also contact the company’s dedicated customer service team.

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