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Optimove Survey Shows Competitive Odds Key to Player Loyalty

Every week, 85% of individuals in the US who participate in online sports betting interact with iGaming platforms

In a comprehensive survey conducted by Optimove, key insights into the behavior and preferences of online gamblers have been revealed, offering valuable guidance to iGaming operators striving to enhance player loyalty and engagement.

Competitive Odds Drive 40% of Player Loyalty in iGaming

The study, conducted between September and October 2023 among 396 US citizens aged 21 and above, highlighted the dynamic nature of the iGaming landscape. A striking 85% of online sports bettors engage with iGaming platforms weekly, with a surprising 34% making multiple daily visits. Betting on sports stood out as the favored pastime, capturing the preference of 76% of the respondents. The preferences within this community are diverse, with 56% favoring live betting and 70% opting for single bets over parlays.

Competitive odds emerged as the linchpin of player loyalty, cited by 40% of respondents. User-friendly interfaces and generous bonuses followed closely at 23% each, emphasizing their critical role in retaining users. Yet, it’s crucial to acknowledge that players select a platform based on diverse factors, such as swift and dependable payment methods (58%) and a rich array of games and choices (50%). Therefore, iGaming operators should concentrate on the entire spectrum of these factors, rather than just emphasizing one specific aspect.

Responsible gambling tools also found favor, with 75% of players appreciating their presence, indicating a growing emphasis on player well-being in the industry.

Marketing Fatigue Hits iGaming as 86% Unsubscribe Due to Excessive Messages

However, amidst the enthusiasm for personalized promotions, a concerning trend of marketing fatigue emerged. A staggering 86% of players reported unsubscribing from sites due to excessive promotional messages, with 30% finding the frequency overwhelming. The report stressed the need for tailored, relevant communication channels, with 56% of participants emphasizing the importance of offering relevance in encouraging interactions.

To ensure sustained player satisfaction, the report recommended various enhancements. These include faster loading times (preferred by 63% of respondents), improved mobile compatibility, and simplified site navigation. Additionally, the introduction of sought-after features such as e-sports betting and cash-out options was suggested to further elevate player satisfaction and retention.

Responsible gambling tools were identified as crucial trust-builders. Notably, 90% of participants actively set betting limits, with 56% utilizing responsible gambling resources. The report underscored the need for iGaming operators to actively promote responsible gambling initiatives, indicating that these efforts not only benefit players but also enhance operators’ reputation and customer retention rates.

Optimove is a customer-led marketing platform, focusing on customer-centric approaches proven to increase brand loyalty by 33%. Utilizing a blend of historical and real-time customer data, AI-driven journey orchestration, and reliable multitouch attribution, Optimove provides tailored solutions for leading brands in the gaming industry.


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