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OpenBet Brings Stewart Groumoutis to Preside over Commercial Growth

OpenBet has hired Stewart Groumoutis as vice president of commercial for Canada as the company seeks to expand and consolidate its footprint in one of the most promising betting and igaming markets in North America. The company has confirmed that the arrival of the heavyweight regulation expert Groumoutis in the position is reflective of OpenBet’s commitment to advancing its standing in the existing sports betting market in Canada.   

Groumoutis to Help OpenBet Achieve Commercial Goals

This appointment is well-timed as it comes less than a month after Ontario, arguably the biggest sports betting and igaming market in North America, opened officially for business with private companies interested in offering their products in the market. OpenBet is ready to serve a number of B2B clients who will be interested in securing an advanced solution for their betting and gaming audiences.

Groumoutis is a well-seasoned veteran who has vast experience working throughout Canada as part of the burgeoning gambling industry and also in various positions that allowed him to better understand regulatory and commercial needs. His insight into commercial and online gambling is sufficient to help steer OpenBet to success, the company believes.

The man spent 10 years with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation making him capable of seeing the industry develop from a regulatory standpoint, which would enable him to create future-proof policies that sustain and encourage long-term growth. He was also part of the Lottery Corporation when a contract between OpenBet and the corporation was struck.

Both OpenBet and Groumoutis Help with Opportunity

Commenting on his appointment, Groumoutis said that he was pleased to be joining the OpenBet and help the company achieve its goals, referring to his previous familiarity with the company:

During my time with BCLC, I was exceedingly impressed by OpenBet’s ability to maximize operational value delivery, while also maintaining a strong focus on the future and innovation in the industry,” said Groumoutis.

OpenBet vice president of commercial for Canada Stewart Groumoutis

He is confident that the North American market is only beginning to develop so far as online gaming and betting products are concerned. Sustained growth will also be OpenBet’s own ambition, which Groumoutis argues is why the company is set to succeed in the market. OpenBet started the year with the appointment of Florian Diederichsen and Jessica Feil to bolster the company’s executive lineup.


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