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OpenBet Adds Professional Bull Riders Event Betting

The supplier of betting odds for the world’s tier-one sports events is now making an interesting turn by featuring markets and lines for bull riding

OpenBet is going to also cover the Professional Bull Riders and its events, featuring odds and lines for the sport. The news was confirmed on Tuesday and will see the company leverage its sportsbook technology and services to feature more content covering the organization and its events.

OpenBet Welcomes a New Exciting Sport

This is the first time that the Professional Bull Riders will be featured as a sport that you can bet on and is likely to have significant benefits to the sport, including improved viewership and more people interested in events.

To make this happen, OpenBet is teaming up with ALT Sports Data, which will help with affiliate marketing services for the Professional Bull Riders and its events. The first event to be covered under this new initiative is the one taking place in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 24-25, 2023.

This is part of the PBR Team Series, which will now be priced and distributed across sportsbooks by OpenBet, giving a fresh boost to the competition.

Commenting on this latest initiative, OpenBet VP of strategy Don Jaques said that his company was excited to be working with some of Endeavor’s best-established companies and bring this new opportunity to sportsbooks for the very first time:

By building official algorithm and data-driven pricing and markets, we will enhance the PBR betting experience, and help drive reach and fan engagement.

OpenBet VP of strategy Don Jaques

The sport is definitely something to behold as it’s gathering some 775,000 fans annually and it has been ongoing for the past 30 years. The exact read into the ebbs and flows of interest in the Professional Bull Riders has not been too consistent or accurate, but the event can generally benefit from a boost.

Bull Riding Fans Are Passionate Sports Bettors

Professional Bull Riders CRO Josh Baker has also welcomed the opportunity to see the organization partner up with OpenBet. The move was a well-researched one as well.

In fact, 89% of fans of the sport are also more likely to bet on sports, Baker said, and now – they will have the opportunity to wager on their favorite competition through the collaboration with OpenBet and ALT Sports Data. Baker is also confident that the format is an extremely viable market.


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