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Online Gaming on the Rise According to UKGC Statistic

UKGC statistic shows increase in remote casino operations in the country. At the same time, decreased numbers are observed in total GGY and number of premises for the UK.

Remote Betting, Remote Bingo and Remote Casino Mark an Increase

Gambling industry statistic released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has marked an increase in the online gaming operations in the country. The most recent report covers the period from October 2018 to September 2019. It’s important to mention that these periods are outside of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent business shutdown.

Remote betting in the country showed gross gambling yield (GGY) of £2.1 billion. This marks a 4.3% increase. In addition, the GGY for remote bingo shows £198 million, which marks a 12.5% increase. Remote casino operations also mark an increase of 3.9%, with GGY of £3.2 billion.  A slight decrease of 0.6% is observed in total GGY for land-based casinos in the UK which is £1.1 billion.

According to the UKGC the so-called “good cause contributions” by the National Lottery also marked an increase. Numbers show £1.6 billion which is a 6.5% increase in contributions for good causes. An increase is also observed in contributions to good causes from large society lotteries. The statistic shows a 3.7% increase which is £345 million.

Statistic Shows Decrease in Total GGY and Number of Premises

The UKGC statistic reveals the total GGY for the industry in Great Britain at £14.3 billion. This marks a 0.5% decrease. The GGY for the gambling industry with the exception of lotteries shows £10.5 billion, which also marks a 1.9% decrease.

Focusing on premises and employment, the statistic shows a decrease in employees in the gambling industry in the country. There are some 98,174 people employed in the industry, which marks a 4.4% decrease. When counting premises and betting shops, the statistic shows total of 9,745 premises and 7,315 betting shops in the country. This marks a 9.6% decrease in the number of premises and a 12.1% decrease in the number of shops.

Looking at the gaming machines, a 11.8% decrease which is £2.5 billion is observed in the total GGY for gaming machines. Numbers for category B2 machines show £624 million, which is a staggering decrease of 46.4%. Category B3 machines show £1.3 billion which marks yet again a decrease of 18.5%.

It’s important to mention that the gambling industry statistics are published by the UKGC twice a year – in May and November. The next industry statistic is expected to be released on November 26, 2020.

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