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Online Gambling Market in Spain Marks Growth in 2020

BtoBet’s most recent report reveals the growth of the online gambling market in Spain. In 2020, the market generated €850.7 million in GGR, marking an increase of 13.7%.

A New Report Provides Insight on GGR for 2020 in Spain

In 2020, Spain’s online gambling market generated €850.7 million in gross gaming revenue (GGR), according to a recent report by BtoBet. Compared to 2019, the result represents a year-on-year increase of 13.7%. Besides GGR, growth was also observed in player deposits by 19.48%, and withdrawals, which increased by 21.1%.

Looking at the bigger picture, the report acknowledges that the online gambling industry in the country grew by 268% since 2015. A prime reason for that growth was the easy access to gambling activities via the internet and on smartphones. Furthermore, undoubtedly more people have become “more accustomed to the idea of gambling remotely,” says the BtoBet’s report. 

Focusing on sports betting, in 2020, it had the largest market share, hitting €365.14 million in GGR. This number represents 42.92% of the share of the industry for last year. Sports betting proved to be resilient despite the impact that COVID-19 had on the sports schedule globally. However, a year-on-year comparison of registered users represents a 3.48% decrease. Additionally, in-play sports betting marked a 4.57% decrease, while pre-match registering decreased by 2.66% in 2020.

Casino Gambling Marks 28% Increase In 2020

Looking at GGR, we see that casino gambling was responsible for €350.8 million or 41.23% of the local industry in 2020. The report acknowledged that a 28.39% year-on-year increase was observed in casino gambling. The main reason for this was the reduced sports events, resulting in operators “cross-selling activities for their players during the lack of live sports events“. In 2020, the number of active online gambling accounts increased by 15.3% to 2,933,643 players. Furthermore, the number of active players surged to 1,481,804, representing an increase of 8.36%.

Live Roulette and Slots Dominate the Online Casino Vertical

The paper provided a breakdown of casino GGR. In 2020, live roulette together with slots dominated the online casino vertical. Cumulatively, the two activities generated €10.5 billion in turnover, out of a total turnover of €11.6 billion for the year. According to the paper, live roulette marked a 42.7% increase in 2020, hitting €4.1 billion in turnover. On the other hand, slots reached €5.1 billion in turnover, marking a 21.49% increase from 2019. Additionally, blackjack has also seen strong growth in 2020. The game hit €1.088 billion in turnover, marking 13.75% growth when compared to 2019. Furthermore, blackjack turnover was 9.37% of the total turnover.


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